• [공지] Blessing Ceremony for the 2021 Christmas Manger and Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony
    Led by Rev. Kim Min-hoe, the “Blessing Ceremony for the 2021 Christmas Manger and Lighting Ceremony of the Christmas Tree” was held in Albatross Tower Plaza at 6 p.m. Wednesday, December 1.
    발전홍보팀 2021.12.15 83
  • [공지] The Third Sogang K-MOOC Lunch Talk Concert Hosted by SGCTL
    Sogang University Center for Teaching & Learning (SGCTL) held the third Sogang K-MOOC Lunch Talk Concert over three days on November 5, 8 and 9. K-MOOC stands for Korean Massive Open Online Course.
    발전홍보팀 2021.12.15 64
  • [공지] Taeyoung Chemical Chairman Baek Seung-jin of donates KRW 300 million for Ilgwan Baek Seung-jin Scholarship
    Chairman Baek Seung-jin of Taeyoung Chemical Ind. expressed his fondest feelings for Sogang. A donation ceremony was held at 11:00 a.m. on November 24 in the President’s Office to contribute scholarship funds for “Ilgwan Baek Seung-jin Scholarship.”
    발전홍보팀 2021.12.07 66
  • [공지] Registration Ceremony for ‘Sogang Honors Wall’ to Share the Valued Wishes of Benefactors
    A registration ceremony for ‘Honors Wall’ was held on the 1st floor of the Administration Building on Monday, November 15 to commemorate the valued wishes of those who made donations to Sogang University. The registration ceremony embodies great meaning as it signifies the integration and extension of mutual exchanges of Sogang members. The Office of Public Affairs decided to improve the existing guidelines which allowed only the school development funds to be registered by not only registering funds for the school, but also funds for the corporation and the general alumni development.
    발전홍보팀 2021.11.26 80
  • [공지] The Opening Ceremony of Sogang Biocore Facility for Biological Interfaces
    The opening ceremony of the Sogang Biocore Facility for Biological Interfaces (Sogang Biocore Facility) was held at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, November 11 at Ricci Hall Annex. The recently founded Sogang Biocore Facility was established with the support fund of approximately KRW 4 billion from the Ministry of Education as the Sogang School of Natural Sciences was designated as a Core-Facility Support Project in 2020.
    발전홍보팀 2021.11.26 51
  • [공지] Sogang Signs Agreement for Joint Curriculum Development and Operation with Yonsei University
    On Thursday, November 11 in a small conference room in Underwood Hall at Yonsei University, Sogang University and Yonsei University signed an agreement on joint development and operation of curriculum.
    발전홍보팀 2021.11.26 55
  • [공지] 2021 ‘Requiem Mass for Sogang Family’
    On Tuesday, November 2, at 7 pm, the 2021 ‘Requiem Mass for Sogang Family’ was held at the auditorium of St. Ignatius House. The Mass was officiated by President Sim Jong-hyeok and was jointly held by Chairperson Park Munsu, former Chairperson Kim Jeong-taek, Director Woo Jae-myung of the Society of Jesus, Dean Kim Sang-yong of Campus Ministry Affairs and Jesuit priests from the Society of Jesus in the attendance of 70 people from the Sogang family, all of which were following the current social distancing regulations.
    발전홍보팀 2021.11.18 80
  • [공지] Sogang Ranks 1st in Korean Standard Service Quality Index (KS-SQI) for Eight Successive Years
    Sogang University has been ranked No. 1 in the ’2021 Korea Standard-Service Quality Index’ (KS-SQI) survey hosted by the Korea Standards Association (KSA) for the eighth consecutive year. The 2021 KS-SQI Certificate Award Ceremony was held at Lotte Hotel on Wednesday, November 3, where President Sim Jong-hyeok, who attended the ceremony, received the 1st place certification plaque in the university category.
    발전홍보팀 2021.11.12 308
  • [공지] Sogang University – Korea IT Business Women’s Association – SGU Holdings, Sign an industry-academia cooperation business agreement to foster ICT female talents
    On October 28, Sogang University, the IT Business Women’s Association, and SGU Holdings Co., Ltd. signed an Industry-Academia Cooperation Agreement to Foster ICT Female Talents.
    발전홍보팀 2021.11.09 56
  • The first Graduate School of Metaverse in Korea Recruits inaugural freshmen for the spring semester of 2022
    Recruitment of the inaugural freshmen of the Graduate School of Metaverse, which was established at Sogang for the first time in Korea, had started. The establishment of the Graduate School of Metaverse was decided by the school’s board of directors on September 14 to foster future talents who will lead the AI metaverse era as part of Sogang VISION 2030, and was announced with the inauguration of President Sim Jong-hyeok this year. Full-scale operation and education start from the spring semester of 2022.
    발전홍보팀 2021.11.09 63
  • Students Recruited for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Department, Graduate School of Sogang for 2022
    Recruitment of freshmen for 2022 academic year has begun for the Department of Artificial Intelligence of Graduate School of Sogang. The primary applications will be accepted from October 6 (Wed) to October 13 (Wed), and the second round of applications will be accepted from November 10 (Wed) to November 16 (Tue).
    발전홍보팀 2021.10.25 143
  • Sogang and LG Electronics, MOU for ‘LG Track’ at Department of Artificial Intelligence, Sogang Graduate School
    On Friday, September 24, Sogang University and LG Electronics signed an MOU for mutual cooperation in the operation of the ‘LG Track’ at the Department of Artificial Intelligence, Sogang Graduate School.
    발전홍보팀 2021.10.22 67
  • Fall Semester 2021 Opening Mass of Blessing
    At 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, September 16th, the Opening Mass of Blessing for the fall semester of 2021 was held at Saint Ignatius House. The ceremony was presided over by President Rev. Luke Sim Jong-hyeok, and the mass was jointly hosted by Chairperson Park Munsu, Executive Trustee Cho In-young, Director Woo Jae-myung of the Society of Jesus, Dean Kim Sang-yong of Campus Ministry Affairs, and members of the Jesuit priesthood.
    발전홍보팀 2021.09.30 188
  • Sogang Signs a Business Agreement with Smilegate to Foster AI/SW Talents
    On September 16 (Thursday), a business agreement ceremony for nurturing AI/SW talents and university-industry collaboration was held in the conference room on the fourth floor of the main building. During the signing ceremony, Smilegate announced that it would establish a partnership with Sogang to nurture leading AI talents and joint research in cutting-edge industries through annual support of around KRW 1 billion.
    발전홍보팀 2021.09.30 96
  • Sogang Selected as 'Seoul Campus Town Unit-type Project'
    Sogang has been selected as a participating university for the 'Seoul Campus Town Unit-type Project.' As a selected university, Sogang will receive up to KRW 1.5 billion in support for three years (from 2022 to 2024) and all buildings owned by the school will be provided as dedicated spaces for nurturing founding entrepreneurs, thereby developing the site into a cradle for global startups.
    발전홍보팀 2021.09.30 136
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