Inauguration Ceremony for Sogang Global LINC Ambassador (SGLA): CES 2024

The LINC Project Team, known for its pioneering model of collaboration among industry, academia, and government, proudly announced the successful inauguration (October 30 (Monday)) of the Sogang Global LINC Ambassador (SGLA) during 'CES 2024 (2024 International Consumer Electronics Show)' in Las Vegas, USA, at the Seoul Integrated Pavilion.

As the world’s foremost ICT-convergence exhibition, hosted by the U.S. Consumer Technology Association (CTA), CES serves as a global platform showcasing innovative technologies across diverse industries like IT, mobility, and digital health. With over 85 startups from Seoul and associated organizations within Seoul’s startup network, the Seoul Integrated Pavilion within Eureka Park will function as a unified promotional hub.

At the inauguration ceremony, Song Tai-kyong, the LINC project leader (and executive vice president of Academic Affairs), and other members of the LINC Project Team graced the event with their presence. During the event, congratulatory remarks, an introduction to the Global LINC Ambassador program, details about the steps and schedules, and Q&A sessions were conducted.  

The LINC Project Team handpicked 25 undergraduate students from Sogang University to serve as Sogang Global LINC Ambassadors. The program aims to foster global entrepreneurial skills by facilitating effective global expansion through individual pairings with 25 companies participating in the CES 2024 Seoul Integrated Pavilion and by offering opportunities for students to explore and familiarize themselves with innovative industries and technologies in advance.

In preparation, students will delve into the analysis of promising industries and technology ecosystems, refine their global business communication competencies, and craft marketing strategies applicable to CES 2024 through tailored training programs and one-on-one meetings with their respective matched companies.

“Through the Sogang Global LINC Ambassador program, we aspire to provide exceptional students with a preview of cutting-edge global technology trends and real-world exposure to the global business stage,” said Song Tai-kyong, LINC’s project leader (executive vice president of Academic Affairs). “Moving forward, the Sogang LINC Project Team will be committed to cultivating future industry leaders with global perspectives,” he added.