New SOFEX Educational Trip to Sophia University

- Global Education Platform-based UAP & SDG Studies and Cultural Exchange -

▲ Arrival at Haneda Airport, Japan (Day 1)

Sogang University (Character-Development Center) and Sophia University in Japan recently held a welcoming ceremony for '2023 SOFEX10: East Asia and Jesuit Education,' the global network-based knowledge-sharing project class and Korean-Japanese cultural and academic education under the theme of UAP & SDGs. This event was held at Sophia University over the course of three days from September 22 to 24. 

Under the 'NEW SOFEX' agreement (in place since 2018), '2023 SOFEX10: East Asia and Jesuit Education' has taken the shape of a global education platform class. This year, it brought together around 50 participants, including 21 Sogang students, 19 students from Sophia University, faculty members, the dean of International Affairs, and the director of the Global Education Center.

▲ NEW SOFEX Welcoming Ceremony, with Sogang-Sophia University students and faculty, the president of International Affairs and Global Education Center’s head at Sophia University


Opened in the second semester of the 2023 academic year, SOFEX100 is a class to identify global (East Asian) issues, define social problems, and find solutions to address common issues using project-based learning (PBL), centering on Universal Apostolic Preference and Sustainable Development Goals in the context of the Jesuit educational philosophy.   

▲ (From left to right) Sophia University campus tour, welcoming ceremony


The program began with a campus tour of Sophia University, and students and faculty members had a meet-and-greet session during the welcoming ceremony. They also promoted friendships by engaging in cultural exchange events arranged by students from both universities.

▲ Group photo during Sophia University campus tour (Day 1)


The second day began with lectures by the chancellor of Sophia University on understanding UAP and SDGs, facilitating group activities, and engaging in team-based field education for cultural exchanges.

▲ (From left to right) Chancellor Augustine Sali of Sophia University, NEW SOFEX group activity


The final day involved a session for students to share their impressions from the group field education, fostering a rich exchange of ideas across language and cultural barriers.

▲ (From left to right) NEW SOFEX group activity, UAP & SDG-related group sharing


Looking ahead, from January 5 to 7, 2024, Sophia University students will visit Sogang for their final presentations. It is expected that this upcoming event will serve as a venue for marking the culmination of joint Korean-Japanese projects and the further development of friendships formed over the course of the semester.

▲ Group picture of UAP & SDGs group session and experience sharing (Day 3)


NEW SOFEX Academic Education is part of Collaborative Online International Learning (PBL), which unites Korean and Japanese students in jointly identifying and solving issues with concerted effort. Sogang University remains committed to supporting participating students, promoting open-minded understanding of their differences, and nurturing cultural harmony through mutual respect.