Admissions and Orientation for Counseling Psychology EIC Master's and Doctoral Program

- General Graduate School Degree Program Launched in the 2nd Semester of 2023, Focused on Cultivating Counseling Psychology Professionals -

The commencement ceremony and orientation for the master's and doctoral programs in counseling psychology, known as the Expert Incubation Curriculum (EIC), took place on the evening of August 17 at 5:00 p.m. in Dasan Hall of Sogang University. Dean of the College of Social Sciences Ahn Myung-hee along with four esteemed professors from the EIC program, the administrative team of the College of Social Sciences, and the freshmen class of the EIC program attended the event.

The EIC program is designed to offer a structured and professional curriculum, with a central focus on practical counseling expertise. This program was launched as a general graduate degree program in the second semester of 2023 to foster counseling psychology professionals who are equipped with the practical skills necessary to address and prevent psychological issues. The program has received significant attention from recent bachelor's graduates intending to pursue careers in psychological counseling and professionals already active in various counseling fields to enhance their psychological counseling proficiency. Notably, the program received over 100 applications during its first admissions process.

The event opened with a warm welcome from Dean Ahn Myung-hee. "In recent years, the demand for psychological counseling has not only increased rapidly but also diversified, and it is very important to train professional psychological counselors who can meet this demand," said Dean Ahn Myung-hee, giving encouragement to the new students.

▲ Welcome Speech by Ahn Myung-Hee, Dean of the College of Social Sciences


Following this, Professor Suh Hanna, the head professor of the EIC, provided details on the program's academic programs and curriculum. As the program strongly emphasizes practical psychological counseling, she delved into the specifics of the hands-on curriculum. Afterward, new students had an enjoyable ice-breaking session, getting to know each other by introducing themselves with interesting photos.

▲ (From left) Head professor Suh Hanna of the Counseling Psychology EIC, Freshmen Introduction

Lastly, the four esteemed professors of the Counseling Psychology program, Dr. Ahn Myung-hee, Dr. Jang Jae-hong, Dr. Yon Kyu-jin, and Dr. Suh Hanna, joined the new students for a welcome dinner. This casual dinner provided an excellent chance for an open exchange of questions and answers regarding the program and allowed attendees to share their expectations and enthusiasm for the upcoming semester.

▲ Welcome Dinner with the Freshmen Class


The Counseling Psychology EIC program is currently in the process of recruiting new students for the first semester of the 2024 academic year. Prospective applicants seeking further information about the program can visit the EIC website (