Ceremony Held for ‘2nd Outstanding Paper Award for Graduate Students’

- To inspire graduate students to study and fortify their academic capabilities and research capacities -

▲ Group photo from the ceremony for “2nd Outstanding Paper Award for Graduate Students”


At 2 p.m. on Monday, January 22, the ceremony for the “2nd Outstanding Paper Award for Graduate Students” was held in the Main Conference Room (4F) in the Administration Building.

This year marked the second installation of this award, initiated by the Graduate School Innovation Center to inspire graduate students to study and fortify their academic capabilities and research capacities.

In November 2023, the center received a total of 81 papers after accepting submissions in the examination stage or higher among dissertations, papers presented in academic conferences, and papers submitted to academic journals. They were classified into seven areas, including Humanities, Society, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Economics and Management, Knowledge-Convergence Media, and international Students, undergoing two rounds of fair evaluation by a panel of 12 judges.

These evaluations resulted in the selection of 16 graduate students for the President’s Prize and cash awards of KRW 1 million each. Among the winners, one was from the master’s program, three were from integrated master’s and doctoral programs, and 12 were from doctoral programs. Additionally, this year’s competition featured a separate category specifically for international students, allowing them to compete for the Outstanding Paper Award.

Speaking about the ceremony, President Sim Jong-hyeok said, “Honesty and ethics are important in academic excellence. It may be difficult at times to uphold these values, but I want all of you to always keep them in mind.” He then added, “Congratulations on your outstanding achievements! I hope you continue to challenge yourselves, engage in new research, and open new horizons.”

Sogang University is promoting various policies for research activities to redefine its position as a university centering on research on a global level. With this in mind, the university has carried forward the “Doctor’s Course Research-Capacity Consolidation Project” with Research Affairs for the past three years, offering KRW 5 million yearly in support to students from the doctor’s course. In addition to offering training for graduate students and doctoral-level researchers on conducting R&D, Sogang University consistently provides programs aimed at enhancing the basic research skills of graduate students to nurture interdisciplinary talents. In fact, in January, the school hosted a free lecture titled “Current Status and Applications of Generative AI.”

The Graduate School Innovation Center, responsible for organizing the event, stated, “There was greater interest and participation from graduate students compared to the last time. It holds great significance for the school that the competition has been established to recognize outstanding research. We are committed to continuing our support to bolster the research capabilities of graduate students and to cultivate an environment conducive to achieving world-class research outcomes at Sogang University.”