Sogang University Held an Academic Support Workshop with Cambodian University RUPP

- Part of the cooperation efforts for the development of humanities and social sciences such as sociology, psychology, and philosophy -

- Held a natural science workshop in Cambodia last July and August -


▲ At the welcoming ceremony of the academic support workshop with RUPP


An academic support exchange workshop between Sogang University and the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) of Cambodia was held in Room 309 in Jeong Hasang Hall from Tuesday, August 16 to Friday, August 19.

The academic support program between the faculty in Sogang University and the RUPP of Cambodia first launched in 2008. Since then, there has been active engagement, particularly from the natural science professors under the MoU signed in 2010. More than thirty Cambodian students (including six liberal arts students) have benefited from the scholarship of Sogang University, participating in master's or doctoral programs. The talented students who have completed their degrees have played important roles across numerous universities and communities across Cambodia, progressing in their dreams of creating a "Sogang School." As stipulated in the renewed MoU in 2015, the natural science professors of Sogang University visited the RUPP, providing short-term intensive lectures as well as laboratory and material support which were highly appreciated and welcomed by the Cambodian government.

Given this history of cooperation, the Royal University of Phnom Penh asked Sogang University to help them develop their humanities and social science departments, including sociology, psychology, and philosophy, which thus far had received insufficient attention or support. As such, an additional MoU was formed in 2021. The workshop held this August was the first workshop in the three-year project formed under this agreement. A total of 11 Cambodian professors attended the workshop, including Rev. Kang In-gun, a missionary of Jesuits in Korea, who is working as a professor of philosophy at the RUPP. Korean professors from Songang University participating in the workshop included Professor Oh Se-il of the Sociology Department, Professors Yon Kyu-jin and Kim Hyun-sik of the Psychology Department, and Professor Chong Chae-hyun in the Philosophy Department.

▲ Philosophy curriculum workshop (left) – Philosophy Professor Chong Chae-hyun (fourth from the right)

Psychology curriculum workshop (middle) – Psychology Professor Yon Kyu-jin (middle, top row)

Prof. Psychology Professor Kim Hyun-sik giving a presentation (right)


▲ Visiting the Student Counseling Center (left) - Center Manager Jang Jae-hong, Psychology professor (top row, second from right)

Sociology Department Curriculum Workshop (right) – Sociology Professor Oh Se-il (top row, third from left) and Psychology Professor Kang In-gun of the RUPP (top row, fourth from left)

The RUPP signed an agreement with the Cambodian government to receive $780,000 in funding for each of the natural science and humanities departments for three years. This funding comes from the Cambodian Ministry of Education's "Cambodia Higher Education Improvement Project," which is supported by loans from the World Bank to "develop and improve education curricula." The agreement notably set a requirement for academic consultation from leading overseas faculty. This requirement was quickly met by the voluntary service of the faculty from Sogang University.

Professor Cheong Hyeon-sik, responsible for the field of natural science within this academic support project, and Professor Oh Se-il, responsible for the humanity and social science field, appreciated the passion and dedication of the professors from the RUPP as well as the generous cooperation of the professors of Sogang University. "We are proud that Sogang University is modelling the common educational philosophy of Jesuit universities around the world: to serve others and serve with others," they said.

In addition, a workshop focused on restructuring the natural science curriculum was held in Phnom Penh. Professors Jung Kwang-hwan and Lee Byeong-ha of the Department of Life Sciences hosted the workshop for curriculum restructuring at the RUPP from Thursday, July 28 to Friday, August 5. Professors Cheong Hyeon-sik and Shin Kwan-woo continued the workshop from Sunday, August 14 to Friday, August 19. They provided consultation on the construction of research facilities and visited senior Cambodian government officials to discuss further cooperation in the science and technology sectors.


▲ (Top left) Biology Department Workshop – Professors Lee Byeong-ha and Jung Kwang-hwan, and the faculty in the Biology Department at the RUPP (from left)

(Top right) Chemistry Department Workshop - Professor Shin Kwan-woo (fifth from left), Dr. Veasna, a Sogang alumni professor (right end), and the faculty in the Chemistry Department at the RUPP

(Bottom left) Physics Department Workshop - Professor Cheong Hyeon-sik (sixth from left), Dr. Tharith, Dr. Sunly and Dr. Seanhor, Sogang alumni professors (first, second, fifth from right), and the faculty in the Physics Department at the RUPP

(Bottom right) Visiting Cambodian government officials for special advisory on science and technology and future cooperation