Professor Lee Sang-gun of Sogang Business School

Awarded ‘Highly Commended Paper Award’ by Emerald Publishing in the U.K.


Professor Lee Sang-gun of Sogang Business School was chosen as the winner of the 2020 ‘Highly Commended Paper Award’ by Emerald Publishing in the U.K. This is his second such award, following his first in 2018.


Boasting the world's largest publishing volume of professional academic journals for over 50 years, Emerald Publishing, a British publisher, annually grants the 'Emerald Paper Prize' to world researchers producing distinguished papers.


Professor Lee's winning paper for the award is titled 'A comparative study on industrial spillover effects among Korea, China, the USA, Germany and Japan,' a comparative analysis on the industrial chain effect of the ICT and machine industries in South Korea, the USA, China, Germany, and Japan. In particular, the recognition was made on his analysis of the ICT industry's influence upon other industries, with predictions on the importance of transformation into the digital age.


Professor Lee has had over 80 articles published in journals, including over 40 SCI-grade journals, and has had his name published in the ‘Marquis Who's Who in the World’ for the 2018 and 2019 editions, as well as winning the 'Marquis Who's Who Lifetime Achievement Award.'


As for his future research plans, Professor Lee said, "Recently I've been analyzing various data in search of the group of industries that can generate new jobs in the contactless society driven by COVID-19. I am especially focused on research that will come up with strategies to present effective fostering of new industries, such as 'bio, gaming, and logistics.'"