Professor Shin Ho-chang of the School of Media, Arts, and Science

Chosen as 2020 'PR Man of the Year'




Professor Shin Ho-chang of the Department of Communication, School of Media, Arts, and Science, was named as the 'PR Man of the Year' for 2020 at the 'Korea PR Grand Prize,' hosted by the Korea Public Relations Association (KPRA).


On November 11, the KPRA announced that Professor Shin had been named the 'PR Man of the Year' by the Judging Committee composed of the Korean Academic Society for Public Relations and the Korea Public Relations Consultancy Association. Awarded annually since 1993 to individuals who have made great contributions to the development of Korean public relations (PR), the 'PR Man of the Year' has been granted as the Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister Award since 2017.


Regarding Professor Shin’s nomination, a KPRA personnel said, "Professor Shin earned great recognition for his over 30 years' contributions to research and education in the PR field at the university, along with the development of Korea's PR industry as an advisor and through research projects in the communication field for the government and businesses.“

For his part, Professor Shin said, "The most important elements in the PR field in the social era are AI and communication. These two components form the educational axis pursued by the School of Integrated Knowledge at Sogang. As a valuable opportunity to prove our school‘s excellence, I am honored to be selected for this prize." He added, "As a PR specialist, I am proud of all PR specialists who, based on proper decisions and reasonable judgement, carry out their work to benefit our society."


The Korea PR Grand Prize award ceremony was held on Thursday, November 19, at the Seoul Foreign Correspondents’ Club in the Korea Press Center Building.