Professor Kim Youngjae of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering Wins

Grand Prize at ‘Eighth SK Hynix Industry-Academic Research Project Outstanding Invention.'

On November 9, Professor Kim Youngjae of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering was chosen as the grand prize winner in the ’Eighth SK Hynix Industry-Academic Research Project Outstanding Invention,' sponsored by SK Hynix.


With the aim to elevate researchers' morale and encourage developmental efforts, SK Hynix has hosted its annual award ceremony since 2013, carefully selecting excellent patents among those submitted by industry-academic cooperative universities in the process of conducting given research tasks. Due to the spread of COVID-19, the 2020 ceremony took the form of SK Hynix members visiting the award winners to carry out the plaque-awarding ceremony.


Professor Kim Youngjae won the grand prize for his patent for a 'Key-Value Based Data Storage Device.'


Due to software overhead, previous key-value storage lagged far behind actual solid-state drives (SSD) in writing speed. In addition, as it was operated in the host server, it had to use CPU from an expensive server and consumed memory resources.

In contrast, Professor Kim's 'Key-Value Based Data Storage Device' uses the CPU within the SSD device and operates the software within the key-value storage. As a result, it quickly identifies and approaches a certain line in the database, speeding up the processing of SSD data and minimizing CPU resources consumed in the host server.


Professor Kim said, "I am privileged to have been awarded the grand prize for SK Hynix Industry-Academic Research and take great pride in the fact that the outcomes from our industry-academic cooperative research have been chosen as an excellent patent." As for his future research plans, he said, "I think it is critical to develop mega-capacity high-functional storage that can store and process vast quantities of big data at high speeds. Therefore, I am planning to continue cooperative research projects with Korean companies leading the world in semiconductor technology and contribute to the development of future core technologies."

(From the left) Professor Kim Youngjae, Ha Yong-su PL, IP Development and Operation Strategy Team

 (Source: SK Hynix Newsroom)