Professor Yoo Hyun-jae Chosen as

Supervisory Researcher for NECA Research Project


- Research on Practical Methods of Risk Communication in the Case of Sustained Virus Spread -




Director of Sogang's Health Communication Center and Journalism and Strategic Communication Department Professor Yoo Hyun-jae has been chosen as the Supervisory Researcher for a national R&D project requested from the National Evidence-based Healthcare Collaborating Agency (NECA). The title of the research is 'Development of Strategies for the Practice of Patient-centered Communication in the Case of Sustained New Virus Spread: Research on Practical Methods of Infodemics Prevention and Crisis Communication.‘


The present research is to establish practical methods to build up optimized conditions for communication among all social members. In situations where a new virus (like COVID-19) is spread, it is important to prevent the propagation of false news and ensure scientific-evidenced hygiene and medical information reaches the public, especially patients, quickly and accurately, so that all may maintain good health conditions.

Professor Yoo said, "This research will be carried out in collaboration with the research team of Seoul National University's Graduate School of Public Health, and the medical team at Boramae Medical Center. Crisis communication methods will be drawn on the basis of the effect from the system that applies networking advertisement technology to the big-data based information hub as a device for the public to gain easy and fast access to scientific information."


This research will be carried out until the end of 2021, using a research fund of KRW 300 million.