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Educational Purpose
English Literature & Linguistics is one of the oldest major that is carried out until the present day since the establishment of Sogang University in year 1960. English Literature & Linguistics is known for various faculties among many other departments at Sogang University and takes its pride to foster talents in diverse modern society. By making most of the academic characteristics of English Literature & Linguistics, which is practically acknowledged as the role model of English education in Korea, through balanced humanities education, nurture creative and open-minded specialists, professionals and educators. Also strict and thorough training courses that are offered in English, active participation of the students, reports written in English and so on has been continued as the cherished traditions of English Literature & Linguistics.
Specialization of Education
Most of English Literature & Linguistics courses are offered in English and many of its major courses are lectured by foreigner professors. Through these courses, the students can gain knowledge in their major fields and strengthen their English ability. Besides, some of the American Culture courses can be acknowledged as English Literature & Linguistics major courses. So as one of the representative major of Sogang, has confidence in its diverse and in-depth curriculum.
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Areas of Specialization


Barrie, Michael Jonathan Mathew Linguistics
Chae, Seo-young Sociolinguistics
Disney, Daniel James Philip Poetries and Poetics
Hwang, Eun-joo 20th Century American Novel
Yoo, Isaiah WonHo Corpus Linguistics, TESOL
Jang, Gi-yun 19th Century and Early American Literature
Jung, In-gi Phonology, Morphology
Kim, Young-joo 20th Century English Novel
Kim, Chi-heon English Romanticism
Kim, Tae-won Renaissance English Literature, English Plays
Lee, Seong-beom Semantics, Pragmatics
Lee, Yo-an Discourse Analysis, TESOL
Park, Eun-seong Applied Linguistics, TESOL
Richard Bonfiglio Victorian Literature and Culture
Shin, Gyeong-won English Literature