Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation (LINC) Holds Sogang Univ. – ASML Workshop with Global Semiconductor Equipment Company ASML

▲ Photo of the “Sogang Univ. – ASML Workshop


On Friday, September 23, LINC held the Sogang Univ. – ASML Workshop with ASML, a global semiconductor company.

The Sogang Univ. – ASML Workshop was held to establish a global industry-university partnership between Sogang University and ASML and to help students and companies enter the global market. The workshop was held at Berchmans Woojung Hall and was attended by Cheong Hyeon-sik, the deputy leader of the LINC project, Lee Kyoo-tai, the Industry-University Cooperation Information officer, Burm Jin-wook, a professor from the Department of Electronic Engineering within the College of Engineering, and members of the main ASML staff.

ASML, a global semiconductor-equipment company based in the Netherlands, is the only company in the world to produce next-generation extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography equipment, which is vital to implementing the ultra-fine semiconductor process. The company does business with all the major semiconductor-production companies, including TSMC in Taiwan, the world’s largest semiconductor consignment manufacturer, SMIC, the largest semiconductor consignment manufacturer in China, Samsung Electronics, etc.

The workshop started with greetings and an introduction of the university by Cheong Hyeon-sik, the deputy director of LINC, which was followed by the staff-training program led by Lee Kyoo-tai, a professor from the Graduate School of MOT (Management of Technology) and the Industry-University Cooperation Information officer, along with Burm Jin-wook, a professor from the Department of Electronic Engineering within the College of Engineering. With the topic of 'Korean Innovation Ecosystems and Semiconductor Education,' they analyzed the Korean innovation ecosystem and its current status, also introducing different programs for training human resources in semiconductors – with such programs already underway at Sogang University. Afterwards, the participants exchanged opinions on the establishment of a global network and the planning of new collaboration projects.

“The Sogang Univ. – ASML Workshop is a program designed to promote ‘global industry-university cooperation for the next-generation semiconductor ICC,’ which is one of the three major specialties of Sogang University, and it will support a great number of companies and bring about industry-university cooperation activity performances based on domestic and international networks,“ said Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs Song Tai-kyong, acting as the LINC project leader. ”We will exert ourselves for developing Sogang University into a high-tech specialized university with the scaffolding of the LINC 3.0 project.“