• [공지] Winner of the Kaggle Data Analytics Competition
    Nam Min-hyuk, a fourth-year student who is enrolled in the School of Economics at Sogang (Computer Science and Engineering and Mathematics in multiple majors) accompanied by Professor Lee Soo-hyung of the Graduate School of International Studies at Seoul National University participated in the Kaggle Data Analytics Competition and won first place on November 16.
    발전홍보팀 2021.12.15 84
  • [공지] Published on the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS)
    The findings of joint research conducted by research teams of the Department of Physics, one led by Professor Jang Joon-ik (lead authors: Choi Won-kyung and Nam Seo-hyun) and another led by Professor Jung Myung-hwa (co-authors: So Hyeon-kyeong and Lee Sang-eon), were published online on November 19, 2021, in the world-renowned and prestigious Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS).
    발전홍보팀 2021.12.07 105
  • [공지] Sogang Freshman Wins Gold Prize in the Fifth University Student Debate Competition on Trade Policy
    In the fifth University Student Debate Competition on Trade Policy (Trade Challenge) hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE), Lee Tae-gyu, a freshman of 2021 in the School of Economics was bestowed Gold Prize.
    발전홍보팀 2021.12.07 51
  • [공지] Grand Prize and Excellence Award at 2021 D.Day Campus League
    At the 񟭕 D.Day Campus League' held on Sunday, November 7, our start-up teams, Peace of Mood (CEO: Park Yu-jin, Chemistry ‘13) and VHP (CEO: VITTORIA, Art & Technology ‘19), won the grand prize (Financial Services Commission Chairman's Award) and the Excellence Award (K-Growth Award) respectively.
    발전홍보팀 2021.11.26 104
  • [공지] Grand Prize at Small and Medium Venture Business Support Policy Idea Contest
    Kim So-jeong and Jeong Seung-ho, who are enrolled in the Master’s Program at Sogang Business School, won the grand prize at the 29th Small and Medium Venture Business Support Policy Idea Contest hosted by the Korea SMEs and Startups Agency. The awards ceremony was held at the FKI Tower in Yeouido, Seoul on October 27.
    발전홍보팀 2021.11.08 94
  • [공지] Publishes a thesis in Nano Letters, a world-renowned journal in the field of nano science and technology
    A Sogang research team led by Professor Kim Hyunjung has succeeded in measuring the movement of the crystal lattice by excited electrons in bismuth selenide (Bi2Se3), that is known to be a representative thermoelectric material that converts heat into electricity, and a three-dimensional topological insulator, in the unit of femtosecond (one quadrillionth of a second).
    발전홍보팀 2021.11.08 60
  • [공지] Silver Award at LG U+ Life Soft Research Contest
    Park Soo-jin, a senior-year student at the Department of English, majoring in English Literature and Linguistics, won the Silver (2nd place) award at the Life Soft Research (Customer Life Research, hereafter referred to as LSR) contest hosted by LG U+ on September 28.
    발전홍보팀 2021.10.22 101
  • Honored with Presidential Award at 20th Korea Glami Awards
    Kwak Jong-woo, in the junior year of the Sogang Business School, received the honorable President's Award at the 20th Korea Glami Awards Youth Invention Idea Contest' for his invention, 'Web Access-based Real-Time Web Crawling Statistical Information System.'
    발전홍보팀 2021.10.22 99
  • Development of Ultra-fine Nano-material Separator that Saves Thermal Energy
    The research team led by Professor Lee Jong-suk (first author: An He-seong, Ph.D. course; co-author: Nam Ki-Jin, combined master's and doctoral course) developed novel crystalline nanoparticles in which 2-methylimidazole and an alkylamine organic ligand are coordinated to zinc metal ions in order to separate two gas molecules, propylene (C3H6) and propane (C3H8) , which have a very minute size difference equivalent to 1/5,000,000 (0.02 nm) of the average hair thickness.
    발전홍보팀 2021.09.30 101
  • Publishes a Cover Paper in the German Chemistry Journal Angewandte Chemie
    A research team led by Professor Ok Kang-min of the Department of Chemistry systematically synthesized a new compound of non-centrosymmetric structure coordination polymers with excellent nonlinear optical properties and successfully identified the structure-property correlation.
    발전홍보팀 2021.09.30 121
  • Receives AWAD 2021 Young Researcher Award
    Lee Jae-sung (supervisor prof. Choi Woo-young), a student in the master’s program in the Department of Electronic Engineering, received the Young Researcher Award at the Asia-Pacific Workshop on Fundamentals and Applications of Advanced Semiconductor Devices (AWAD), held from August 26 to 27, 2021, for his thesis.
    발전홍보팀 2021.09.08 96
  • KASBA Best Paper Award 2021 Goes to Dr. Kim Yong-jeong
    Dr. Kim Yong-jeong (with advisor Ha Byoung-chun) of Sogang Business School’s Global Service Management Department won the Best Paper Award from the Korean Academic Society of Business Administration (KASBA) at the 2021 KASBA Convergence Conference, held from August 16th to 18th at Baekyang Nuri (The Commons), Yonsei University.
    발전홍보팀 2021.08.27 115
  • Selected for Targeted Topic Research Support Project in the 2021 SSTF Fund Grant Program
    Professor Choi Woo-young’s research in the Department of Electronic Engineering was finally selected for the ‘2021 Targeted Topic Research Support Project (semiconductor device and process field) in the Fund Grant Program of the Samsung Science & Technology Foundation (SSTF).’
    발전홍보팀 2021.08.12 117
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