2023 Ars Electronica Invites <The Posthuman Hospital>, Animation by Alumni Kim Jun-Ha


The animated masterpiece by Kim Jun-ha (Department of Art & Technology), titled The Posthuman Hospital, was selected for display at the 2023 Ars Electronica Festival, the world's largest media arts festival.

Held every September in Linz, Austria, Ars Electronica Festival showcases a captivating blend of creativity and technological innovation. With the participation of artists, designers, scientists, technologists, and other professionals from a wide range of domains, this event fosters discussions on the convergence of advanced arts and technologies. In 2023, Ars Electronica Festival will be held from September 6th to September 10th, under the theme of “Who Owns The Truth?”

Ars Electronica Animation Festival showcases the most exceptional submissions at the revered Prix Ars Electronica - the largest media arts awards ceremony in the world. This year, the festival has shifted its focus from traditional computer-generated animation to the realm of new animation art. That is why pioneers at the crossroads of animation, art, and technology who have presented bold experiments that push the boundaries of visual storytelling have been invited.


Out of 1,116 submissions, only 40 were selected for display this year. Kim's The Posthuman Hospital will be screened in the “Data, Bodies, Space” program. His work navigates the intricate relationships between digital, virtual, and tangible dimensions, addressing the “glitch” between them. From dystopian futures to ecological imagination, the audience will experience a sensory cyber landscape that comes alive, populated by avatars, hybrids, enigmatic figures, data bodies, and interconnected egos.

The Posthuman Hospital, an experimental animation project, is inspired by Donna Haraway's influential The Cyborg Manifesto. The movie explores uncertainties and blurred boundaries between the human and non-human in technological developments and human physical relationships. Employing an impressive array of digital tools, Kim orchestrates a visual marvel—superimposing 3D-scanned everyday objects onto 3D images enhanced by the nostalgic touch of super 8 mm film scans. Through the lens of medical records of the posthuman patients in a virtual ward, the animation asks questions about the interrelation between human and technological objects beyond Cartesian dualism.

▲ Still Frame of <The Posthuman Hospital> by Kim Jun-ha


The Posthuman Hospital is Kim’s graduation masterpiece at California Institute of the Arts where he continued his academic journey after graduating from Sogang University with a degree in Art & Technology. Beyond Ars Electronica, his work has earned acclaim as a finalist in the Experimental/Alternative category at the Student Academy Awards. It also received invitations to esteemed film festivals, including Seoul IndieFest and the New Orleans Film Festival.

Looking back on his path, he reflected, “As a member of the pioneering class of the Art & Technology program in 2012, I had the opportunity to visit Ars Electronica with the support of the department. The memories forged with peers and professors during that time will be carved into my heart forever. The captivating works at Ars Electronica kindled my passion for exploring uncharted territories, sparking contemplation on the synergy of technology and art. This led me to nurture my aspiration to someday present my work on this grand stage. Thanks to the unwavering and warm support from the department and professors, many students, including myself, were able to foster a wealth of experiences that continue to bear fruit.”


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