College of Humanities  College of Humanities

> Korean Language and Literature 

> Division of English
> History > European Languages and Cultures
> German Culture > Philosophy
> French Culture > Religious Studies
> Chinese Culture > Japanese Culture
College of Social Sciences College of Social Sciences
> Sociology > Psychology
> Political Science
College of Integrated Knowledge College of Integrated Knowledge
> Global Korean Studies (Korean Studies in English) > Art & Technology
College of Media, Arts, and Science College of Media, Arts, and Science
> Journalism and Strategic Communication > Media & Entertainment
> Art & Technology > Global Korean Studies
College of Communication College of Communication
> Communications
College of Economics College of Economics
> Economics
Sogang Business School (Undergraduate Program) Sogang Business School
> Business Administration
College of Natural Sciences College of Natural Sciences
> Mathematics > Chemistry
> Physics > Life Sciences
College of Engineering College of Engineering
> Electronic Engineering > Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
> Computer Science and Engineering > Mechanical Engineering
> Artificial Intelligence > System Semiconductor Engineering
Interdisciplinary Programs
> Educational Culture  Educational Culture > Department of Biomedical Engineering  Department of Biomedical Engineering
> Public Leadership > Samsung Convergence Software Course  Samsung Convergence Software Course
> Gender Studies   Gender Studies > Sogang Startup Academy   Sogang Startup Academy
> PEP (Political Science, Economics and Philosophy)

> Development of Korea and
International Cooperation Development

> Sports Media > East Asian Studies
> Big Data Science   Big Data Science

> Artificial Intelligence   Artificial Intelligence

> Korean Society and Culture