Special Manger for 2020 Christmas Nativity Scene

A very special manger has been installed for the 2020 Christmas Nativity Scene, with the special play of the media art piece 'A Night for Life' in the background

2020 Christmas Manger Scene


The manger was installed in Albatross Tower Plaza as the reproduced stable where Baby Jesus was born, in combination with media art elements.


Since 2000, the Christmas manger has been installed by Campus Ministry Affairs every Christmas, uniquely produced each year to represent issues of the time and bring new significance, and it has been settled as a symbol for Sogang as well as an artistic activity celebrating the meaning of Christmas.


For 2020, a video titled 'A Night for Life' is played in the background of the manger where Baby Jesus will be laid. Produced by alumni and professors from the Department of Art & Technology, the video utilizes the 'Projection Mapping' technique, which projects video images onto the surface of a target object with the effect of changes. The message presented in this work is that hurt beings are reborn through shared comfort and hopes into a revitalized cradle for the new life. Serving as the producer of the video, Kim Junha (Art & Technology, ‘12) said, "We tried to instill the story of healing and life in the 2020 Sogang Christmas Manger. I pray that it won't be too long before we can rediscover revitalized everyday life."

Campus Ministry Affairs held the 'Blessing Ceremony for the 2020 Christmas Manger and Lighting Ceremony of the Christmas Tree" in Albatross Plaza at 6 p.m. on December 1. The Blessing Ceremony, led by Dean of Campus Ministry Kim Sangyong, was held in the presence of fewer than 20 faculty members and students, in accordance with the guidelines on the prevention of COVID-19's spread. Dean Kim said, "I hope this nativity set will serve as a special space to spread the Christmas messages of comfort and hope to all those who have grown tired from the spread of COVID-19."

The manger will be displayed until January 10, 2021, and the accompanying video will be played from 6 p.m. through midnight every day during the period.


The Manger Scene Waiting for Baby Jesus