Guidelines for Self-Assessment Questionnaire on how to access and submit


Having the COVID-19 Pandemic being prolonged and a new semester about to start, we are in desperate need of complying with and even strengthening prevention guidelines. As we are conducting a self-assessment questionnaire in compliance with the guidelines from the Ministry of Education, please find the below information and note that you are required to complete and submit the questionnaire. Also, we kindly ask administrative offices to be more cautious on managing visitor ledger.

- Information -


1. Complete and submit the Self-Assessment Questionnaire prior to entering campus
- All University members are required to submit the Questionnaire when on campus (takes less than 1 minute)

- Link information :

- QR Code:


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2. Visitor Ledger Management

- In order to manage and track visitors, all offices should make sure to manage the visitor ledger and keep its records.


 2021. 2. 25  


Sogang University COVID-19 Committee