Letter to Sogang’s Members


June 16, 2021


Greetings to all members of Sogang!

We are already recognizing that the end of the 2021 Spring Semester is just around the corner. As we are nearing the semester’s close, I wanted to deliver my heartfelt thanks to all of you for your hard work over the past months. I would love to be sharing this message with you in person; however, under the present COVID-19 conditions, I hope you will allow me to convey my sincere wishes through our homepage.

We all have struggled in this challenging environment as we responded to the risks of COVID-19. ‘Risks’ or a ‘Challenging environment’ are factors to improve upon or overcome in the long term; on the other hand, they are inevitable targets to be adjusted and utilized in the short term.

In such situations – frustrating as they can sometimes be – I have been filled with pride to see how our students, faculty members, and staff have been working to meet the reality of our circumstances with prudent and mature perception, striving forward with their best efforts for successful completion of the semester. For that, I, as a member of Sogang myself, would like to express the sincere respect I have for you, and, as president of Sogang, I would like to address some of the long-term plans we are preparing in order to resolve this situation and transition into the era of post-COVID-19 education. 

As you have been working so hard in your respective positions, I have also been confronting the presidential tasks in front of me, alongside our various staff members. For Sogang’s betterment that we all aspire to achieve, we have hosted various events for key players to lead Sogang’s future, broadening Sogang’s touchpoints with many internal and external members. We have reached an insightful consensus on our direction forward and held in-depth discussions and explorations, planting seeds and cultivating the field for future growth. On this field that has been so carefully cultivated, we will do our best to yield the fruits of change and development. 

Thank you again to all of Sogang’s members who have come together through the 2021 Spring Semester. Even if we have not been able to meet face to face, having each of you on the campus was key to the successful finalization of this semester. I hope you enjoy a healthy summer and can return even healthier and happier when we meet again for the Autumn Semester. In the meantime, we will prepare all that is required to make the upcoming semesters worthy of your research and study efforts. I extend my deep gratitude once more for your uniting and moving forward as one. 


Luke Sim Jong-hyeok, SJ

President of Sogang University