Orientation and Meeting to Encourage Students Chosen for a Program at the University of Toronto

- 30 Master’s and Doctoral Students Sent to Renowned AI Institution, the University of Toronto, as a Part of the Global Competency Enhancement Project -

- Five Master’s and Doctoral Students Embark on 6-Month Training Program in January -

On August 30th, a special orientation and meeting were conducted at the Seoul ICT Innovation Square to commemorate the students who were accepted into the A.I. Convergence Course at the University of Toronto.

The purpose of this event was to congratulate these talented individuals, share knowledge, and provide encouragement to help them succeed in their educational journey. The occasion was graced by the presence of Professor Nang Jong-ho, the Director Manager of the project, and Professor Moon Eu-hyun, who is in charge of this Toronto course. Professor Moon elaborated on the current status of the project and Dr. Heo Yoon-seok, a Sogang alumnus, and Professor Yoon Young of Hongik University shared insights from their own experiences during the various courses.

▲ Direct Manager of the Project, Professor Nang Jong-ho, Department of Computer Science & Engineering

▲ Photographs from the Meeting

The Global Competency Enhancement Project is designed to establish a tailored course at top-tier overseas universities specializing in ICT (information and communication technology) and to nurture highly skilled professionals in the field of digital strategic technology, equipping them with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Sogang University was appointed as the project's coordinator in April 2022 and is responsible for managing the project with a budget of KRW 4 billion this year. Its responsibilities include project operations and performance management, identifying partner universities abroad, and selecting and supervising the students for overseas training.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Science and ICT and the IITP (Institute for Information & Communications Technology Promotion), Sogang University has led an Intensive Program in Artificial Intelligence in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in the United States. Furthermore, Sogang University has successfully negotiated the establishment of an Artificial Intelligence Convergence course in partnership with the University of Toronto, renowned globally for its expertise in AI. A total of 30 master's and doctoral students were chosen to participate. The University of Toronto is where Professor Geoffrey Hinton, a pioneer in deep learning technology, teaches. The university is highly regarded for its contributions to computer science at large. The selected trainees are expected to depart for Canada in December, commencing their on-site training in Toronto in January, which will span approximately six months.

From Sogang University, a total of 5 master's and doctoral students were selected for the Artificial Intelligence Convergence course at the University of Toronto. Of particular note is the inclusion of business administration majors among the selected candidates, demonstrating the University's commitment to promoting interdisciplinary collaboration through its multi-major program. The trainees expressed their enthusiasm for engaging in exchange activities with outstanding students from other institutions and working on projects with global corporations, all while aspiring to successfully complete their educational pursuits.