Sogang University Signs an Agreement with Samyang Foods Co., Ltd. for the Establishment of a Lab for Industry-University Collaboration and Joint Research

 President Sim Jong-hyeok and Vice Chairperson Kim Jung-soo, Samyang Foods Co., Ltd. (from left)


On Wednesday, November 2, in the Administration Building’s reception room, the university signed an agreement with Samyang Foods Co., Ltd. for the establishment of a lab for industry-university collaboration and joint research.

Both parties agreed to train excellent personnel and conduct joint research through collaborations between industry and university for the development of future biotechnology as well as the food industry. They will collaborate on  reconstructing the university’s Ricci Hall Annex and opening a lab,  pursuing joint research in food and biotechnology,  and forming a research network to secure applied technology.

“Through collaborations with Samyang Foods, which has an excellent vision of biotechnology as the future core technology and has its management foundation set around social contributions, we will vigorously push forward joint research and produce talent pools to help Korea become a powerhouse in biology,” said President Sim Jong-hyeok in speaking about this momentous agreement.

“As a food company established in 1961 to improve national health, Samyang Foods now represents Korea as a K-brand and makes taste and health its priority,” said Vice Chairperson Kim Jung-soo of Samyang Foods Co., Ltd. “This challenge for Samyang seems to resemble the outstanding and innovative moves of Sogang, and I believe that we can produce meaningful outcomes with a lot of support and effort to discover new growth businesses while diversifying product lines.”