Department of Art & Technology Opens ‘XR Studio’ for Experiencing and Creating XR Content

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 XR Studio


The Virtual Augmented Reality Professional Manpower Training Project Team from the Department of Art & Technology (A&T) established the “XR Studio” for experiencing and creating XR content.

The XR Studio was renovated from the existing New Media Library in Room 521 of Xavier Hall (X Hall) as a testbed for XR development. Ryu Gwon-u (A&T, ‘17) participated in constructing the space after being selected based on his outstanding case study titled Construction of a Virtual Production Studio for Indie Creators in the A&T Creative Capstone Project course this past March, also receiving the Shin Young-kyun Scholarship.

The XR Studio is a multi-purpose studio for creating and experiencing a variety of content, including traditional green-screen chroma key shooting, virtual production using 3D content and real-time compositing, full-body motion capture, and an XR development testbed. The studio also features, in particular, a high-performance 4K camcorder that records using different formats and a Jimmy Jib. Additionally, users can check the results of video compositing at up to 8K resolution in real-time using the Unreal Engine program, which showcases excellent real-time rendering performance, along with a location-tracking system, and they can create its demo version.

“Recently, virtual production using the Unreal Engine has been hugely popular for Hollywood movie scenes, so I tried to develop a space where students who want to be future content creators can experience in-camera VFX and live XR content,” said Ryu Gwon-u (A&T, ‘17), the student who led the construction of the studio.

The Department of Art & Technology at Sogang University offers Korea’s first joint major in arts and sciences, converging imagination based on liberal arts, cultural and artistic sensitivity, and cutting-edge engineering technology. Since its establishment in 2012, it has offered project-based curricula combining humanistic sensitivity and technological application and has provided a studio for each student as a major convergence department. A&T continues to complement the metaverse and XR curriculum and aims to strengthen students’ XR production capabilities while training experts who will lead the future creative industry after opening the XR Studio.