Sogang University Opened a Joint Course of SOFEX100 with Sophia University in Japan

- Global network-based academic exchange: UAP & SDGs (PBL: Project-Based Learning) -


In the fall semester of 2022, Sogang University and Sophia University in Japan (President Yoshiaki Terumichi) established 'SOFEX100: East Asia and Jesuit Education,' a global network-based knowledge-sharing project course jointly run by both Korean and Japanese universities.

SOFEX100 is a global network-based knowledge-sharing project that helps students to understand experience, reflection, and behavior through the Jesuit educational philosophy shared by all Jesuit universities around the world. Based on this understanding, the student-oriented course lets students find and solve issues in East Asia according to Universal Apostolic Preferences and Sustainable Development Goals.

SOFEX began in 2010 as a regular exchange program between Sogang University and Sophia University, the first regular exchange event between international universities in Korea at the time. It was held annually and alternated between the two universities, including sports festivals, performances, and cultural exchanges. In March 2018, the universities signed a new agreement that transformed the exchange into 'New SOFEX,' an academic exchange. Since then, the universities have held a joint course every fall semester, and students have taken live video discussion classes and participated in visiting programs of Sogang University and Sophia University.


The academic exchange program of New SOFEX is preparing modular courses for each level, from the basic undergraduate SOFEX100 curriculum to the intensive SOFEX400 curriculum, and currently operates the SOFEX100 curriculum. The new SOFEX100 helps students understand their differences and communicate with each other to develop cross-cultural skills and strengthen their global community leadership skills while experiencing collaborative reflection.


On Thursday, October 6, the presidents of both universities delivered a video greeting to the students on the first day of the joint course. President Sim Jong-hyeok introduced the academic exchange and significance of New SOFEX, delivering a message of harmony and support: “I hope you show compassion for global issues based on a righteous conscience within our individual diversity, display your competence, and commit yourselves to serve for a better world.”

▲ President Sim Jong-hyeok of Sogang University

▲ President Yoshiaki Terumichi of Sophia University in Japan

Sogang University and Sophia University have pre-selected students for the SOFEX100 course, who will take the joint class (English lecture) held by the two universities for a total of 16 weeks. Taught through the approach of Collaborative Online International Learning, the SOFEX100 course forms teams of both Korean and Japanese students and explores solutions through project-based learning.

The 20 students who participated in SOFEX100 this year will visit Sophia University in Japan in 2023 for a final presentation and academic exchange. Through this experience, they will share their experiences and knowledge, providing the opportunity to grow and expand their academic horizons. Furthermore, it will serve as a place of friendship that will give hope to the new generation to improve Korea-Japan relations.