Sogang Cultural Festival for Fall

Comes back to Ignite the Flame of Youth

The fall festival has arrived, along with the cool autumn breeze to replace summer. As face-to-face lessons resumed after social-distancing measures were lifted, Sogang Cultural Festival was held after three years of absence, and the festival site was full of the heat of youth. The campus was filled with a variety of shows and fun events, and the students looked excited to be part of the festival after such a long time away. The Sogang Gazette covered the festival of youth and passion.

▲ Poster for 2022 Sogang Cultural Festival: Our Sogang Now


2022 Sogang Cultural Festival: Our Sogang Now was held successfully from Monday, September 19, to Friday, September 23. As face-to-face lessons resumed with the lifting of social-distancing regulations, the fall festival helped bring the campus back to bustling life after three years of quiet.

 Food trucks and a meal zone on the street between Kim Daegon Hall and Geppert-Nam Duck Woo Hall

The booth for Sogang Business School

This festival was packed with various entertaining shows and scrumptious foods. Students were able to enjoy different offerings, such as chicken, beef tripe (Gopchang), Takoyaki, sushi, churros, etc., from food trucks located along the street between Kim Daegon Hall and Geppert-Nam Duck Woo Hall during the entire festival. Attendees could conveniently enjoy the food in the meal zone installed around the same spot. In front of Xavier Hall and the rooftop of Gonzaga Hall, there were flea markets set up, along with student booths, including for tarot-card readings, caricatures, desserts, accessories, vintage clothes, etc.

Youth Plaza crowded with various events

A giant slide set up in Youth Plaza


The festival also had different types of experience-oriented content and events. On September 19, the first day of the festival, a survival game with laser guns was hosted in the Gymnasium under the name Sogang Attack. Teams of five armed up against each other to wage fierce battles with their laser guns in the gym. In the daytime on September 20 and 21, a long line of students formed in front of the giant slide set up in Youth Plaza. Sogang, a House of Zombies followed in the evenings. The event was made up of an escape room game where players enter the ”Temporary Lab of Sogang University College of Medicine,” which has been infested with experimental zombies, in order to find a vaccine, and many students were already waiting to join the game before the venue even went into operation.


Sogang Championship soccer final on September 21

President Sim Jong-hyeok kicked off the game after stoking encouragement for the players


During the festival, the Sogang Championship was held, including semi-finals and finals matches in soccer and basketball. As it has been three years since the last Sogang Championship, a lot of students gathered to cheer on the school players from Sogang, and the cheers and roars only echoed more loudly on the Sports Ground and in the Gymnasium. President Sim Jong-hyeok encouraged the players and kicked off the soccer final. Before the match, the event of giving gifts through a lottery by having students bet on the expected winning team added some extra zest. The award ceremony was held in the main conference room on the 4th floor of the Administration Building on Monday, September 26. President Sim Jong-hyeok and Dean Yi Kang-oh of Student Affairs, attended the ceremony, and the winning team was awarded a certificate and prize money.


The 2nd King of Sogang's Masked Singer

▲ Jeon Yoon-jeong (Psychology, 2019) was the winning student in the contest

The highlight of the festival took place on the Sports Ground over the final two days. The King of Sogang's Masked Singer is a contest that selects the best singer among all students, based only on their singing, and the winner was chosen via real-time text-message polling on September 22. “I am honored to become the King of Sogang's Masked Singer this year, especially after dropping out in the preliminary contest last year,” said Jeon Yoon-jeong (Psychology, 2019), who became the King of Sogang's Masked Singer as “Baegerin (Pillow Beak Yerin).” “It made me happy to capture this unforgettable memory of being part of a Sogang University festival after such a long time. I am thankful for those who cheered me on and for the students who organized this festival.” The contest was followed by the performance of invited artists Colde and Min Kyung-hoon, which heated up the festival even more. The Sports Ground and rooftop of Emmaus Hall, also known as “Emttu (lid of Emmanus),” were jam-packed with students rushing to catch the show.


Performance of invited singer Min Kyung-hoon

On the last day, students enjoyed additional performances by Jay Park, Holy Bang, and MVP. They thrilled the audience and pumped up the heat of the festival to the fullest degree with fabulous shows carried out on fantastic stages. Other than the celebrity entertainers, school clubs, including Sogang University’s cheering squad Tripathy, Pung Yeon, Emilles, Shock, and Messy-G, presented various performances to glam up the last night of the festival. “It was the first time that I have seen so many students on the Sports Ground since I entered Sogang University,” said Park Ju-yeong (Business Administration, 2019), the student head of the Emergency Measures Committee of Sogang University’s Student Council and head of the Festival Preparatory Committee. “I am proud that the festival came to a close safely and successfully, even with all of the venues packed with crowds. I am grateful for the students of the Festival Preparatory Committee, the school officials, partner company staff, and all Sogang members.”


Giving off their fresh youth and passion in the Fall Festival, Sogang students were able to make memories of their own. The Sogang Gazette is here to cheer them on as they build up different meaningful experiences and memories for their futures at Sogang University.

Written by Koo Da-eun (student reporter, Business Administration, 2020)

Photographs by Koo Da-eun (student reporter, Business Administration, 2020), Office of Public Affairs, Emergency Measures Committee of Sogang University’s Student Council 2022, and Jeon Yoon-Jeong (Psychology, 2019)