Nang Jong-ho of Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering

Awarded for Best Excellence in Global Technologist Development Program 2022

- Selected for the excellence of the 'Global AI-Leading Sogang-CMU Graduate School Talent-Fostering Program' -

- Sending graduate students from Sogang to CMU in the U.S., the best educational institution in the world for AI, and cultivating top-level AI talents -

Professor Nang Jong-ho of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering received the best excellence prize in the contest of excellent performance for the Global Technologist Development Program 2022, hosted by the Institute of Information & Communications Technology Planning & Evaluation (IITP, an affiliated organization of the Ministry of Science and ICT). The awards ceremony was held in Seoul at Ruby Hall within EL Tower at 3 p.m. on Thursday, November 3, where Professor Nang received a certificate for his award, along with KRW 1 million as an additional prize.

The contest of excellent performance for the Global Technologist Development Program 2022 took applications for programs selected and conducted between 2019 to 2021 among the development programs. It assessed the excellence of research programs, the effects of talent development, and contributions to ICT development, selecting a total of five excellent programs (one grand prize, two best excellence prizes, and two excellence prizes).

For Professor Nang’s 'Global AI-Leading Sogang-CMU Graduate School Talent-Fostering Program,' 15 graduate students from Sogang University were selected (seven from Computer Science & Engineering, seven from Electronic Engineering, and one from Business) to be sent to Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in the U.S., the worlds best AI educational institution, allowing them to take four AI courses in a semester and conduct team projects over the course of two months. The faculty of Computer Engineering at CMU, which has worldwide authority in the subject of AI, taught the lectures for the courses and helped the students complete their projects. At the end of the semester, the students received a certificate of completion and report card from CMU, and their credits were transferred to Sogang University. With this experience, these graduate students were given a chance to grow into global researchers, having attended cutting-edge AI courses taught by the worlds best faculty and accumulating competence as global talents – like enhanced communication skills – after attending the lectures with students from different countries and conducting different projects. Furthermore, it is expected that this experience at CMU will leave these students with wider AI application skills to broaden their perspectives and visions on AI and to cultivate capabilities to find and solve AI problems, contributing to the development of the AI industry in Korea and improvement of research capacities across AI fields.

As a follow-up to this main project, for the next six years, Sogang University will manage a program for selecting 30 students a year among all the graduate students in the nation and sending them to CMU for their studies, supported by government aid, said Professor Nang Jong-ho. In February and March 2023, we are going to select students who will be sent to CMU in September 2023, and I hope more graduate students at Sogang who are interested in applying for this program can do so, regardless of their major.”

  Awards ceremony for Excellent Projects of the Global Technologist Development Program

▲ Professor Nang Jong-ho of Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering