Choi Jo-eun of the Combined Master's and Doctorate Program in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Wins the MCM '22 Best Paper Award

Choi Jo-eun, a student in the combined master's and doctorate program of the Net Shape Manufacturing Laboratory Lab led by Professor Kim Nak-soo of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, won the Best Paper Award at the 8th World Congress on Mechanical, Chemical, and Material Engineering (MCM '22).

The MCM ’22 took place in Prague, Czech Republic from Sunday, July 31 to Tuesday, August 2 in a hybrid format. At the conference, researchers from around the world presented on advances in mechanical and industrial engineering, shared ideas and information, and exchanged expertise in fundamentals, applications, and products based on new interdisciplinary research.

Choi received her award online on Saturday, August 20 for her paper titled A Methodology to Predict Fatigue Life of an AISI H13 Steel Die for High-Pressure Die Casting based on Thermal Stress Analysis.

In the paper, Choi Jo-eun one-way coupled thermal analysis, conducted using the analysis tool STAR-CCM+, with structural analysis, conducted using the analysis tool Abaqus. She also streamlined the interpretation of simplified die casting processes by using the coding languages Python and MATLAB to automate the analysis. In the remarkable paper, Choi developed a method to fatigue test H13 AISI mold materials as well as a semi-empirical fatigue life prediction method to predict mold life, providing an opportunity to increase industrial productivity and ensure economic efficiency.




Step 1. Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis

(Analysis of heat flow, SW: STAR-CCM+)

<Temperature distribution after analysis of heat flow>

Step 2. Thermal Stress Analysis

(Structural analysis, SW: Abaqus)

<Result of structural analysis>


Step 3. Prediction of Fatigue Life

(Anti-empirical method)

<Result of fatigue life prediction>

"Thanks to the guidance and care I received from my academic adviser, I was able to conduct my research under excellent conditions," said Choi. "I received great support in participating in the overseas academy and feel great about the results. I will use this award to further contribute to the development of the metal processing industry."