Articles by Professor Park Jeong-hyuck of Physics Department

Published in Physical Review Letters, a Globally Renowned Journal, for Third Consecutive Year

 - Confirmed a possible verification of string theory -

- A total of four articles, including this latest one, have been published as a result of decade-long, tireless research -


An article written by Professor Park Jeong-hyuck of the Department of Physics was published in the August 2022 issue of Physical Review Letters, one of the world’s most prestigious physics journals. This research was carried out jointly with Professor Choi Kang-sin (first author) of Ewha Womans University with grants given by the National Research Foundation (NRF) of Korea. 

In the article titled “Post-Newtonian Feasibility of the Closed String Massless Sector,” Professor Park Jeong-hyuck demonstrated that double field theory (DFT), a gravitational theory based on string theory, can successfully explain what was observed on the same footing as Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

Over the past decade, Professor Park’s research team has produced outstanding findings in terms of establishing the theoretical base for double field theory and identifying relevant physical properties. As many as four articles in which Professor Park was designated as a corresponding author, including this latest one, have been published in Physical Review Letters.

String theory involves a particle physics theory that envisions the fundamental unit of matter as strings, not point-like dots. This theory has long been under the spotlight of the theoretical physics field thanks to the possible integration of quantum physics and the general theory of relativity – the two pillars of 20th-century physics. However, the theory also drew criticism because of its difficulty in being tested experimentally.

Professor Park Jeong-hyuck noted, “The latest research is significant in that we were able to confirm the possibility of verifying string theory experimentally and that we related gravitational theory to nuclear theory.”


▶ Title of article: Post-Newtonian Feasibility of the Closed String Massless Sector

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