Former President Yoo Ki-Pung

Inaugurated as the 4th President of KEPCO International Nuclear Graduate School (KINGS)




Former President Yoo Ki-Pung, who served as Sogang University’s 14th president, was inaugurated on May 6 as the 4th president of KEPCO International Nuclear Graduate School (hereinafter referred to as KINGS). 

KINGS is a graduate school operated by an educational foundation affiliated with KEPCO, established through contributions from the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP), KEPCO Nuclear Fuel (KEPCO NF), KEPCO Engineering & Construction (KEPCO E&C), and KEPCO Plant Service & Engineering (KEPCO KPS) to cultivate experts in the field of nuclear power generation. It was established in Ulsan Metropolitan City in 2012. 

President Yoo served as a professor in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Sogang University from 1984 to 2017, while serving as dean of the School of Engineering (2007-2009), director of the Sogang Institute of Advanced Technology (SIAT) (2008-2009), and executive vice president of Research & Business Development Affairs (2009-2012). In 2013, he was inaugurated as the university’s 14th president and served until 2016. During his tenure as president, he was selected as ‘Korea’s Influential CEO in 2014’ and was awarded the 23rd ‘Korea Grand Prix of Mugunghwa,’ recognized for his contributions to fostering creative talents through convergence education and protecting Sogang’s reputation as a Jesuit university that embraces socially vulnerable individuals.

He also served as president of the Korean Society of Supercritical Fluids (2006-2016), president of the Asian Society of Supercritical Fluids (2007-2016), vice president of the Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers (2008), and president of the Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea (2015-2017), conducting various external activities throughout. 

In his inauguration speech at the ceremony held in the KINGS Grand Auditorium on May 6, President Yoo said, “I will take on the position of president at KINGS as my last opportunity to serve as the chief executive officer at a university and will actively rise to meet any challenges that KINGS may face,” adding, “I will walk the straight path and will endeavor to create a university where people will strive to work better and study harder.”