Professor Bahn Jahng Shick from Graduate School of MOT

Inaugurated as the 24th CEO of KOMSCO

On February 8th, Professor Bahn Jahng Shick from the Graduate School of Management of Technology (MOT) was inaugurated as the 24th CEO of the Korea Minting, Security Printing & ID Card Operating Corporation (KOMSCO).

Professor Bahn is a financial expert who has served in various positions within the government and at universities, including Dean of Sogang’s Graduate School of MOT, Chairman of a presidential committee responsible for creating jobs at the Blue House, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Planning and Budget (currently the Ministry of Economy and Finance), and Head of the Finance Operation Office (Budget Office). As a financial expert and expert in technological innovation in the era of technology and management convergence, Professor Bahn is acknowledged for his excellent powers in project execution and organizational management capabilities.

Professor Bahn, in his inaugural address, stated, “Based on the strength that KOMSCO, which recently celebrated the 70th anniversary of its founding, has accumulated over the years, we will lay the foundation for further growth into a public company that can brighten the next 100 years. For this, we will establish ourselves as a global-leading mint security company through the discovery of new business areas and technological innovation.” He elaborated, “As a public company, we must fulfill our social responsibilities to drive the growth of our business partners and provide care for the socially disadvantaged,” adding, “We will strive to achieve a people-centric workplace.”