Fall 2021 Notice on Electronic Check-in and Self-diagnosis System



In effort to contain the spread of COVID-19, Sogang University has been operating thermal cameras at the entrance of each building, as well as the Self-diagnosis system as instructed by the Ministry of Education. As the pandemic situation continues despite the start of Fall semester. We kindly ask you to follow our protocols with the body temperature check, QR code check-in and self-diagnosis system as below. We thank you in advance for your understanding; your cooperation will be highly appreciated.


1. Body temperature check, QR code check-in required for entering buildings

1) When entering every building on campus, you must have your body temperature checked by standin

g in front of the body temperature scanner and check in through QR code check-in system to register y

ourself on the electronic roster. In case your temperature shows higher than 37.5, you must report to

the Infirmary office to have follow-up measures such as the PCR test.


2. How to access the Electronic Check-in System

1) Using Sogang Talktalk 2.0 (서강톡톡 2.0):

- Launch Sogang Talktalk application. Click on the QR code icon 그림입니다.

원본 그림의 이름: CLP00003f9c2a20.bmp

원본 그림의 크기: 가로 51pixel, 세로 42pixel Auto-save your building ace

ss record


원본 그림의 이름: CLP0000baf83b35.bmp

원본 그림의 크기: 가로 268pixel, 세로 131pixel


2) Using Kakaotalk:


원본 그림의 이름: CLP0000baf80003.bmp

원본 그림의 크기: 가로 462pixel, 세로 131pixel - Launch Kakaotalk application Click on the QR code icon (QR체크인) 그림입니다.

원본 그림의 이름: CLP00003f9c0001.bmp

원본 그림의 크기: 가로 51pixel, 세로 42pixel Enter phone number Scan QR code


3. Access the self-diagnosis system and submit the result prior to entering campus

- All University members must access the self-diagnosis system (takes less than a minute) when entering campus

- Link:

- QR Code as shown on the right side


원본 그림의 이름: mem000059d40001.png

원본 그림의 크기: 가로 274pixel, 세로 317pixel


4. Miscellaneous

Each buildings will have different QR codes. You can check the QR code of each building from the information board located next to the thermal camera.

The entry records will be stored for no more than a month. The records will be used only for preventing the spread of COVID-19.



2021. 9. 6


Sogang University COVID-19 Committee