Changes in the Campus Entry Procedure



As part of the decisions made by the COVID-19 Committee, the current procedure for entering the campus through main and rear gates will be changed to electronic access to individual buildings (entry granted using ID card) starting from Monday, November 15. We kindly ask for your cooperation, as the change in policy is in line with the Government’s recent “living with COVID” scheme in order to return to normality. Please familiarize yourself with the following changes, and take necessary actions if required.


1. Changes

A. Main, rear, south gates will be accessible during office hours without specific entry procedure

B. Entrances in each building to be locked at all times

C. Buildings accessible only through their main entrances (entrances can be unlocked after tagging the ID card)

D. If a building exit is armed by ADT Caps, press on the “PUSH” button in order to disarm the door and exit.

E. Jeong Hasang Hall, 1F Ricci Hall entrances will be accessible by November 15, and 1F Arrupe Hall will be accessible as soon as the maintenance is completed.


2. Gaining access to buildings

A. If your card has already been authorized for campus entry, the card will automatically gain access to buildings on campus (no further action required)

B. If you are a student (undergraduate, graduate), and your ID card has not been authorized for campus entry yet

1) Please bring your student ID card to the One-stop Service Station (Administration Building) and have your card scanned.

2) After 1-2 days, the student ID card will be gain access to buildings on campus.

C. Others who require regular access to the university (delivery etc.)

1) Please apply for an entry pass through the relative administrative office

2) Otherwise, please consult with the ADT CAPS personnel in the Administration Building


3. Miscellanous

A. For other one-off visits, Sogang personnel may open the building entrance from the inside.

B. Please receive delivered goods from outside the building entrances.


November 3, 2021

Sogang University COVID-19 Committee