Presidents Message to Members of the Sogang Community 


Dear members of the Sogang community,

Despite our endeavors, the COVID-19 continuously threatens our everyday lives with the number of cases breaking the records each day. Even within our campus community, the number of cases makes it difficult to consider the possibility of returning back to time before the pandemic.

It is expected that the Korean Government will gradually ease its counter-pandemic measures, given the vaccination rate for the second dose reaches a certain level. At Sogang, we have resumed face-to-face lectures for some of the experiment-focused courses since October 5, and we are looking forward to gradually increasing the number of courses that are delivered on campus.

We ask the members of the Sogang community to cooperate with the following, in order to achieve gradual recovery to life before the pandemic:

Firstly, please abide by the local sanitary regulations. Please follow the individual disease prevention guidelines such as wearing your mask and frequently disinfecting your hands, so that the on-campus courses could be carried out seamlessly.

Secondly, please refrain from visiting high-risk facilities such as karaokes and pubs. Please bear in mind that recently, multiple cases of COVID-19 arose from high-risk facilities operating near universities.  

Thirdly, please actively participate in the Governments vaccination campaigns. This is because raising the vaccination rate is key to normalizing the life on campus, and also increasing the number of face-to-face lectures.

We sincerely hope that soon the time will come, that students can freely walk around the campus, mingling with each other, and teachers and students can share the joys of teaching and learning, either in or out of the classroom. To make this possible, we once again ask for your generous understanding and cooperation. Thank you.

October 7, 2021

Dr. Luke Jong Hyeok Sim, S. J.

President of Sogang University