* Summarized Version for International Students


Notice on Change in Rear Gate Entry Procedure, Access Card Issuance


As the pandemic situation continues, it has been decided to change the method of accessing the campus through the rear gate, in order to keep better track of campus entry records and to keep external personnel out. For those of you who would like to use the rear gate for entering and exiting campus, please refer to the following information and prepare yourselves for the new entry procedure. As the change will take place during the mid-term examination period, we will extend the application period until after the end of the examination period. As the new system will allow for 24-hour access to the campus, we kindly ask that you make the necessary applications in order to gain access to rear gate entry.


1. Change to be Made in Rear Gate Entry Procedure

A. Effective from: 09:00 April 19, 2021 (MON)

* From this date until 18:00 April 30 (FRI), campus can be accessed through conventional method. After this

date, the rear gate will be guarded solely using the unmanned security system.

B. Details of change




Accessible timeline


24 hours

Gate closure

Gate accessible only between 08:00-18:00

(gate locked otherwise)

Always locked

How to enter

Entry access granted after ID check from security staff

Entry access granted after tagging ID card to the unmanned security system


Entry access card (ID card) is required to access campus from after the change.

ID card must be tagged in order to open gate. (security staff cannot open gate remotely)

ID card must be tagged in order to exit campus.


2. How to apply for rear gate entry access

A. Undergraduate students (including graduate students)


Application Procedures


A. Student without student ID card

* Application for new student ID card

Schedule: 19:00-16:00 April 26 (MON)-28 (WED) (closed between 12:00-13:00)

Location: Basketball court inside the University Gymnasium

Required: one 3*4cm ID photo
- You do not need to bring the photo if you wish to apply for your student ID card using the photo from SAINT profile.

Later on, please bring your ID card and your Certificate of Enrollment to Woori Bank and redeem your student ID card.

Application in Woori Bank possible after above schedule

Rear gate entry access will be automatically granted after you receive your ID card.

(No need to apply for access)

B. Student holding student ID card currently without access to rear gate

* Register for your access to rear gate

1. Schedule: 19:00-16:00 April 26 (MON)-28 (WED) (closed between 12:00-13:00)

2. Location: Basketball court inside the University Gymnasium

3. Application in ADT Caps Office (Main Hall) is possible after above schedule/ 10:00-16:00 (closed between 12:00-13:00)

Student ID required

C. Student holding student ID card that already has access to specific buildings

No further action required

Authorization will be automatically granted


B. Inquiries

) One Stop Service Station: 02-705-8003

) Woori Bank: 02-701-6363, extention 210 or 211



Vice President of Human Resources and General Affairs