Technology Transfer

Definition of Technology Transfer

Technology transfer is defined as an assignment of technology from one place (possessor of technology; including ones holding the right to dispose of the related technology) to another through legal means, such as by transfer, licensing-out, technology guidance, joint investment, or mergers and acquisitions (M&A), according to the Technology Transfer Promotion Act. Such technology transfers are diversely defined considering the subject of technology transfers, methods, and expected effects based upon the research field and researchers themselves.

Subject for Technology Transfer

A subject for technology transfer within the university includes the industrial property rights (patent, practice design, trademark, design) defined as intellectual property rights; copy right; or mental creation by humans including new intellectual property rights, such as computer programming, database, Layout-Designs of a Semiconductor Integrated Circuit, life science, artificial intelligence, etc.

Discovery of a demand company to support technology transfers

Technology transfers including the discovery, negotiation, and proposal of demand companies, as well as overall services in industry and academia, are provided through the request of researchers and an internal technology review in order to utilize the research products – patents, practical design, copyright of computer programs, semiconductor integrated circuit layout rights, etc
Discovery of a demand company to support technology transfers table
Technology transfer for commercialization
Sherpa Program
  • ㆍIndustry-academia program for site visits to a company
  • ㆍPlace three personnel (patent attorney, technology licensing manager/industry-academia coordinator)

    in a group specialized in technology commercialization

  • ㆍCreate consecutive results: connecting technology transfer, follow-up study, spatial support and


  • ㆍExpand pure technology transfer led by exclusive personnel
Technology Transfer Navigation Strategy
  • ㆍSupport the best path to create optimal results from research development to technology support

    (researcher/ enterpriser)

  • ㆍSupport technology transfer + commercialization fund/space/ personnel
  • ㆍPlaced in the higher rank in the performance of technology transfers since the enforcement of the

    system in 2012

  • ㆍPerformance of technology transfers in global evaluation (per faculty)
Discovery of a demand company to support technology transfers table
Program name Detailed performance
Intramural university industry joint project Create intramural research funds to vitalize university-industry joint research and promote technology transfers, ultimately utilizing the research results
Technology commercialization track Beyond technology transfers, support for self research funds for technology valuation and performance evaluation in order for technology to be directly applied to a company’s product or solution and then commercialize it, expanding a large scale technology transfer
Sogang Program for discovering and managing demand companies Utilize BI companies and their alumni companies, and partner/related companies to find demand companies to self survey the industry-academic collaboration foundation