Intellectual Property Rights

Patent Application and Registration Procedure

Patent Application and Registration Procedure graph

Research Field Consulting and Executive Patent Attorney System

- Consulting is provided from professional personnel (patent attorney, technology licensing manager, Korea Certified Valuation Analyst, etc.), highly customized to the needs of each research laboratory to support IP R&D planning, the survey of patent trends, and the creation and utilization of intellectual property rights.
- An executive patent attorney is to be assigned by identifying the technology of each laboratory and utilizing the attorney pools in each specific field.

Application and Registration of Intellectual Rights and their Supports

- According to the Regulations on Intellectual Property Rights, the inventor affiliated with Sogang University should report that the invention resulted from research for the Sogang University Research Foundation, and the following procedures for patent application should be followed through the University-Industry Collaboration Foundation.
Application and Registration of Intellectual Rights and their Supports table
Domestic International
Funds are supported if an applicant is from the Sogang University Research Foundation itself, and a full-time faculty member is involved as the chief inventor Overseas expenses are not supported (However, if an overseas application is clearly identified for technology transfer; a PCT application or the individual country is supported through additional evaluation procedures)

Retention and Management of Intellectual Property Rights

- Intellectual property rights having exceeded five years from registration are considered subject to withdrawal according to Article 15 of the Intellectual Property Rights Management Policy stipulated by Sogang University. (However, such intellectual property rights can be transferred or retained in accordance with the provisory clause of Article 15 under the same Policy).