SOFEX (Sogang-Sophia Festival of Exchange)

photo SOFEX (Sogang-Sophia Festival of Exchange)

SOFEX (Sogang-Sophia Festival of Exchange) is an annual event held by Sophia University and Sogang University.
Sophia and Sogang share its establishment tradition as the Society of Jesus and since year 2010, the two universities have been taking turn to provide the venue for SOFEX. This event began as exchange of sports and now expanded its exchange to culture and academic fields. Since SOFEX is the festival for pure amateurs, it is greatly welcomed by the students from both universities.

Meaning of SOFEX Flag

photo Meaning of SOFEX Flag

SOFEX Flag was implanted with the idea of ‘waves’. The symbol of wave that starts from the two corners and come together to the center is the imagery of two hands holding together for “cooperation”. Beyond cooperation of the two universities, this also represents mutual ‘harmony’ and ‘advance’.

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photo Video Clip of SOFEX 2012