Student Club Activities

photo Student Club Activitiesphoto Student Club Activitiesphoto Student Club Activities

Student Club Association

  • Student Club Association supports the activities of student clubs and work on various activities to activate student culture and promote students’ welfare.
  • Location : EB110 Emmaus Hall (E Hall)

Street Festival for Student Clubs

  • When the semester begins, there is a festival where all the student clubs gather to promote their club activities. During that time, all the student clubs have their own table outside to promote their club activities to the new students. There are about 6 sections and 70 student clubs at Sogang University.

Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work table
Name Activities Location
H. U. G Hands Up for Gathering
Volunteer and exchange activity with Sogang University international students
Sogang C.H.A.N.C.E. Concern and Help for Advancement of Needy Children throughout Education
Educational volunteer work for low-income youth
Sign Language Club Club for sign language E108
Adreelang Educational volunteer work for underprivileged children E107
K.U.S.A Korea UNESCO Student Association E106

Social Culture

Social Culture table
Name Activities Location
21C HERMIT Club for learning tarot cards E126
AIESEC International leadership student association E128
Black Box Club for start-up business E130
Enactus ENtrepreneurs in ACTion to US
Club for practical type of business leadership
Sogang Art Club Club for pure amateurs of art E205
Photography Club Club for photography E120
CRE-MATION Club for criticism on creation of subcultures (comics, animations, games and etc.) EB119
Sogang Film Community Club for films E127

Performing Arts

- Performing Arts table
Name Activities Location
Masu-Z Club for learning magic EB107
SHOCK Club for street dancing EB106
GwangYa Rock band EB104
Singing Culture Club Singing culture study group EB125
Sogang Theater Club Club for drama EB131
ACES Amateur Chamber Ensemble of Sogang
Club for student orchestra
Sogang Chorus Student club for chorus EB129
ABYSS Club for African American music E101
Emilles Club for pure creative music EB102
Kinsechs Rock band EB103
Classic Guitar Club Club for playing classic guitar EB103


- Religion table
Name Activities Location
The Navigators Club for Christianity E124
Buddhism Club Club for Buddhism E111
YWAM Youth With A Mission E123
IVF Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship EB132
CCC Campus Crusade for Christ E122


- Sports table
Name Activities Location
GOODMINTON Club for playing badminton EB116
SMASH Club for playing racquetball GB2 007
T.A.P. Technique Against Power
Club for learning Jujitsu
Club for snowboarding
YPOS Young Poseidon of Sogang
Club for learning skin scuba
Sogang Baduk Club Club for playing Baduk EB122
Sogang Kumdo Club Club for Kumdo GB2 006
Sogang Basketball Club Club for playing basketball GB2 004
WALCS Winter Associated Leisure Club of Sogang
Club for skiing
Sogang Alpine Club Club for hiking E115
Sogang Albatross Club for playing baseball E102
Sogang Soccer Club Club for playing soccer E103
Sogang Tabletennis Club Club for playing tabletennis GB2 005
Sogang Haidong Gumdo Club for Haidong Gumdo EB120
Sogang Taekwondo Club for Taekwondo GB2 003
S.G.T.C. Sogang Tennis Club.
Club for playing tennis
F.C.EINS Club for playing soccer EB117
F.C.Ventura Club for playing soccer E113


- Academics table
Name Activities Location
ELM English Learning Meeting
Club for learning English
P.O.E. Primary Organization of English
Club for conversation in English
SGCC Sogang Computer Club
Club for learning computer
SRS Sogang Rising Star
Club for studying finance and investment value
SG Fenero Club for studying finance E131
LENS Club for studying management E209
BUMA Club for studying management EB126
Sogang Astronomy Amateur astronomy club E105
ADS Albatross Debate Society
Club for debate in English
Sogang AD Club for advertising E114
PRidean PR association/ Club for studying PR EB112

Semi-Student Club Activities

- Semi-Student Club Activities table
Name Activities Section
SWIC Sogang Wise Investment Club
Club for studying investment techniques
Social Culture
Ignatius Club for doing volunteer work of Catholic apostolate Religion
UDC Union Disciple for Christ
Club for Christian missionary group
Sogang Biking Club Club for riding bikes Sports
Sogang Swimming Club Club for swimming Sports
Sogang Piano Club Club for playing piano Performing Arts
M.I.T.Y. May I Thrill You?
Club for musical drama
Performing Arts
Messy G Messy generation
Club for performing music
Performing Arts
Sogang Arrupe Volunteer Club for doing volunteer work with the aim to nurture the talents of Sogang Volunteer Work
Albatross Club for doing volunteer work of essay writing education Volunteer Work
Sogang Debate Club Club for debate Academics
Sogang Translation Association Club for English translation Academics
Science Club Club for studying science Academics
W.A.V.B. Business strategy consulting society Academics