Student Events

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Yearly Events

  • Welcoming Event for New Students

    Welcoming Event for New Students is held every year to introduce enjoyable university life to the new students. At this event, the new incoming students and students attending Sogang University gather together take time to build friendship.

  • Learning Event for New Students

    Learning Event for New Students is an event to help the new students with their university life after their admission to the university.
    Also it is their first time to experience the university life. Through this event, the new students will get to know each other and take time to plan their university life.

  • Sports Event for New Students

    Soon after the semester begins, sports event for new students is held. All the new students get together and spend time to play sports with their fellow students. If you score high, you can win prizes and gifts, and after parties are held as well.

  • Sunrise Festival

    Sunrise Festival is to celebrate the beginning of university life for all the students.
    At this festival, the students can offer a sacrifice to spirits and have drinks together with friends from student club activities.

  • May Daedongjae Festival

    In May Sogang holds Daedongjae Festival, an event which the students can enjoy K-pop music and food from daily bars at different locations on campus.

  • Volunteer Activities for Rural Communities

    Volunteer Activities for Rural Communities is held 3 times a year during spring, summer and fall. During spring and fall season, the students visit the rural community and do volunteer work. During summer season, the students visit the rural community and do volunteer work for 10 nights 11 days.

  • College Festival

    Every year from late September to early October, a college festival is held. All the colleges from Sogang University plan the programs and prepare the performances to enjoy the festival.

Regular Events

  • Nighttime Snack Bar

    During the examination period, at night time, a nighttime snack bar is available at Faculty Restaurant located in 1st floor of Berchmans Hall. For those students who are studying hard for their exams, night time snacks are available at low rates.

  • Conscience Umbrella

    When there is a rain or snow outside and you don’t have an umbrella? Come visit the office of student association and we can let you borrow the umbrella for free. But you must return it after use.