Loyola Library

Sogang University’s Loyola Library was initially housed on the 2nd level of the Main building (Hall A) in 1960, to coincide with the opening of the university. The current four-storey building was built in February 1974, and named after Saint Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1551), a founder of the Jesuit order of Catholic priests. It is the first library in Korea to operate according to the full open system.

Currently, Loyola Library operates on three different sites: these include Loyola 2 (constructed in 1982) and Loyola 3 (constructed in 1997). The university’s Law Library was established on floors 4 and 5 of Loyola 3.

In 1986, an automatic loan service was introduced by the library; the barcode and anti-theft systems have operated since 1991. PC, VTR, CDP, LDP, and satellite broadcasting television and multimedia rooms accommodate various media. Study carrels are provided for postgraduate students.

In total, the library contains 900,000 books, 6,000 periodicals, 40,000 references, microfilms, audio-video resources, rare resources, internet databases, e-journals and e-books. The library contains 150 PCs. Each year, the library hosts a “Library week” event in order to familiarize new users with facilities.


(As of March, 2015)

Facilities table
Building Facilities Location Scale Number
of Seats
Loyola 1 - Reference Service Desk
- Technical Services : Acquisitions, Cataloging
- Old-books room, Special Collections room, U-Dream Hall,

Netgoul, Copy booth, Books donated by the Society of Jesus, supplementary materials room

- Audio visual room, Designated books, Microforms room
- Reading room, Back stacks, seats for the handicapped

students, circulation

L Hall 5,416 ㎡ 723 seats
Loyola 2 - Copy machines
- Reading Room
- Library lounge
L Hall 4,750 ㎡ 666 seats
Loyola 3 - Systems Office
- Carrels, Seats for handicapped students, Manresa Zone
L Hall 3,735 ㎡ 583 seats
Law library -Reading Room X Hall 1st level 803 ㎡ 50 seats
K Hall
Reading room
- seats for accessing, and laptop K Hall B 415 ㎡ 311 seats
X Hall
Reading room
- Graduate reading room X Hall B1 181 ㎡ 85 seats
PA Hall
Reading room
- seats for accessing, and laptop
- BA graduate reading room
PA Hall 3rd level 186 ㎡ 101 seats
J Hall
Reading room
- seats for accessing, and laptop J Hall 1st level 445 ㎡ 299 seats
Total 2,818 seats

Office Hours

Loyola table
Place Day Entrance During Semester During Vacation During
Examination Period
Loyola Mon-Fri Main entrance 08:00~22:00 08:00~22:00 07:00~20:00
Loyola 1 08:00~22:00
Loyola 2 09:00~20:00
Loyola 3 09:00~17:00 09:00~17:00 09:00~17:00
Saturday Main entrance 09:00~17:00 09:00~17:00 08:00~22:00
Loyola 1
Loyola 2 Closed
Loyola 3 Closed Closed
Main entrance 09:00~17:00 Closed 08:00~22:00
Loyola 1
Loyola 2
Loyola 3 Closed Closed
Reading Rooms table
Place Day Location During Semester During Vacation During
Examination Period
Open throughout
the year
Room L101
(for laptop)
06:00~23:00 open 24 hours a day
Room L111
Room L112
Hall K
Hall J
Hall X
(Graduate reading room)
Room L113
(for laptop)
open 24 hours a day
Room L133
Hall PA 06:00~23:00
Law Library table
Place Day During Semester During Vacation During
Examination Period
Law Library Mon-Fri 09:00~22:00 09:00~17:00 09:00~22:00
Saturday 09:00~17:00 Closed
Sunday / Holiday Closed

※ For more information about Loyola Library visit http://library.sogang.ac.kr/