Campus Residence

Gonzaga Hall, located on campus next to the back gate of Sogang University, is an international dormitory that can accommodate up to about 900 students. This dormitory houses students from all over the world with a multicultural atmosphere and the primary language used in this Gonzaga Hall is English.

photo Campus Residencephoto Campus Residencephoto Campus Residence

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible for housing at Gonzaga Hall, you must be currently admitted or enrolled at Sogang University as an undergraduate student, a special and professional graduate school student or an exchange student.

Application Procedures

Undergraduate Students (International students on the regular undergraduate course)

Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) Students

Graduate School Students (International students on the regular graduate course)

Exchange Students

How to Apply?

  • - Only Online applications are accepted. To apply, visit the website
  • - Individual photographs are needed to issue ID cards.
  • - After the application period, please be aware that no changes can be made.(including the changes on meal plans and period of residence)

Housing and Meal Plan Rates

  • Room Type
  • Twin room, 2 occupants

  • Rates of year 2015
  • (Currency Unit : KRW)
Rates of year 2015 table
Fall Semester 2015
6 months
Room 1,372,000 2,143,000
Deposit 100,000 100,000
Meals A type B type
(104 meals)
C type
(176 meals)
A type B type
(162 meals)
C type
(276 meals)
- 332,800 492,800 - 518,400 772,800
Total 1,472,000 1,804,800 1,964,800 2,243,000 2,761,400 3,015,800
  • Deposit
  • The deposit (100,000 won) will be refunded when the students move out after the room inspections.

  • Gonzaga Hall Cafeteria usually serves breakfast and dinner. On Saturdays only breakfast will be served. Only breakfast will be served on the Day of Gonzaga Festival. Also, there will be no meals available on Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day) and Lunar New Year’s Day.


  • Each Room
  • Bedroom (bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, shoes cabinet, internet cable), Restroom, Shower room, Telephone (exclusively within premises & receiving only)

  • Each Floor
  • lounge tables, water purifier, public refrigerator

  • 1st Basement Floor
  • Cafeteria (300 seats), Gym, Chapel, Microwaves, Laundry (with charge), ping-pong table

  • Lobby
  • Internet Lounge (6 PCs), Security Office (parcel reception), Mailbox, Study Room (24 seats), Public Printer(with charge)

  • Detergent, Toilet Paper, Regular Trash Bags and other consumables are not provided. Internet, electricity & water fees are included in the housing fees.