Arrival Checklist

Before Arrival

  • Make sure to pack the following before leaving.
  • Valid Passport (check the expiration date)
  • Valid Visa
  • Health Insurance (e.g. insurance company contact information, insurance card, etc.)
  • 3~4 color ID photos (3.5cm X 4.5cm, background must be white)
  • Credit cards and cash
  • Documents that need to be filled out by Sogang University and be returned to home university
    (scholarship-related papers, etc.)
  • Note for directions to Sogang University from the airport
  • Contact information of the Office of International Affairs and Sogang Buddy
  • Contact information of your guardian or friend

Upon Arrival

  • Check in at Gonzaga Dormitory
    Make sure to check in at Gonzaga Dormitory during the designated date and time as announced on the exchange students' predeparture handbook.
  • Call or Email Home
    Be sure to contact your family back home to let them know that you have arrived safely to Sogang University.
  • Orientation by the Office of Gonzaga Hall
    There will be an orientation held by the Office of Gonzaga Hall during the check in date. All residents must attend the orientation as the rules and regulations of the dormitory will be provided. The orientation date will be posted on the notice boards of Gonzaga Dormitory.
  • Orientation by the Office of International Affairs (OIA)
    There will be an orientation held by the Office of International Affairs (OIA) usually a day before each semester begins. It is imperative for all students to attend the orientation as it is the first official meeting with the OIA and other exchange students.
    Also important academic information will be provided during the orientation.
  • Check Your Course Registration at SAINT Portal
    Before the first day of the semester, you must check your course registration and classrooms at SAINT Portal ( The ID and password will be written on the Exchange Student Orientation Handbook, which will be given at the orientation. You can find how to check your course registration from the notice board of the OIA website.
  • Submit a Proof of Health Insurance to the OIA
    If you have not submitted a proof of health insurance to the OIA before your arrival to Sogang University, you must submit a photocopy of your health insurance to the OIA within the first few days after the semester begins.
  • Apply for Alien Registration (AR) Card
    All exchange students must apply for Alien Registration (AR) Card upon your arrival to Sogang University. According to the Immigration Law, all foreign residents in Korea must apply for Alien Registration at the Immigration Office within 90 days from the day of their arrival. Since each semester is about 15-16 weeks long, you must apply for AR Card. Information on how to apply and where to receive AR card will be announced at the orientation.
  • Open a Bank Account
    You can open a Korean bank account upon your arrival to Sogang University. To make payments for mobile phone bills and other expenses, opening a Korean bank account can be more convenient than using a bank account from your home country. In order to open a bank account, you must bring your passport and a certificate of enrollment (available at the OIA after the semester begins).
    Ask your Sogang Buddy to help you open up a bank account at the bank on-campus.