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Gender Studies

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Location Xavier Hall #203A
Telephone +82 2 705 8363
Homepage http://gender.sogang.ac.kr/

Educational Purpose & Overview

The purpose of Gender Studies major is to nurture professionals who can lead the changing future of society, satisfy the gender equality perspectives by actively embracing achievements of the study that is newly formed in various areas of human activities such as humanities, social sciences, science and so on. Also contribute towards the formation of open and future-oriented values and perspectives on society.
Gender Studies not just overlooks gender problems in narrow sense, but it is a study that embraces all issues of humanities and social sciences including gender differentiation, society with occurrence of discrimination, economics and psychology. Problems of equality raise basic questions on human and society also require new method of approach challenging the existing framework of the study. Gender Studies started from the awareness that females were excluded from the studies and promoted academic discussions on gender differences. This work has been attempted in all majors so Gender Studies needs to be connected with other fields of the study.