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Educational Culture

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Location Dasan Hall #310
Telephone +82 2 705 8552
Homepage http://educulture.sogang.ac.kr

Educational Purpose & Overview

Educational Culture seeks desirable image of humans. In order to nurture such mankind, this field of study research on what and how to teach. Also in order to effectively nurture such mankind, research on what kind of institutional and environmental conditions to be made. Educational Culture major studies desirable mankind and its qualifications, systematically understand teaching-learning activity and educational program and system related to philosophical, historical and scientific knowledge and theory. Also let students to obtain basic qualifications and abilities that are necessary to solve educational problems and study new educational principles.
By completing a curriculum with Educational Culture major, students can obtain undergraduate degree in education. And especially for those students who are in teacher training course, by completing few additional courses, they can obtain a degree in Educational Culture major.


Educational Purpose & Overview table
Name Areas of Specialization E-mail
Jung, Yoo-sung Social Philosophy of Education, Lifetime Education,
Youth Culture, Alternative Education
Kim, Jae-woong Educational Administration jngkim@sogang.ac.kr
Yang, Mi-kyung Curriculum, Education Method,
Educational Research Methodology