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Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering table
Location Adam Schall Hall #910
Telephone +82 2 705 8485 / +82 2 713 8485
E-mail saadmin@sogang.ac.kr
Homepage http://cs.sogang.ac.kr

Educational Purpose

Watching movies, listening to music, reserve some things with internet and read news, are these limits of computers? It surely is not true. Almost all devices are embedded with small computers that are unknown such as in airplanes that find its destination by automatic setting functions, automobiles that are run by saving fuels with its own brain, commonly used telephones, IC cards that are known as transportation cards which are used to take buses, electronic door lock that needs a password to enter into houses, refrigerator, electronic high-pressure rice cooker and so on. Computer Science and Engineering majors research and study these types of computer technology. Sogang University Computer Science and Engineering major offers various spectrums of curriculums from theory to applications.

Specialization of Education

Sogang University Computer Science and Engineering to provide educational environment and practical training of mobile operating system such as iPhone, Android and so on, apart from 4 large-sized practical training laboratory based on Windows, separately operates independent laboratory that are composed of only Mac computers. Also in year 2011, sent application to “Seoul Accord Activation Project”, which is a restructuring project of educational curriculum supported by Ministry of Knowledge Economy. And since the year selected for the project, restructured curriculum to provide best educational program. Along with this, invited special experts in practical fields for them to be in charge of internship and also allowed undergraduate students to carry out projects from professors’ laboratories on their areas of specialization. On the other hand, together with Samsung Software Track (SST), a representative talents training program of Samsung Electronics, various companies are participating in educational research with various programs.

Course Information


Faculty table
Name Areas of Specialization E-mail
Choi, Myung-hwan Computer Networks, Mobile Networks,
Multimedia Communications,
Modeling and Performance Evaluation
Gu, Myung-wan Intelligent Voice Communication Interface mwkoo@sogang.ac.kr
Jang, Hyung-soo Intelligent Information System and Control,
Network Optimization,
Markov Decision Process
Jang, Jik-hyun Theory of Computation,
Computational Complexity,
Design and Analysis of Algorithms,
Parallel Computing
Jung, Seong-won Mobile Databases, Mobile Computing Systems,
Spatial Databases
Kim, Joo-ho CAD, Hardware System Design jhkim@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Ji-hwan Spoken Language kimjihwan@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Se-jun Information and Inference saejoon@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Seung-wook Wireless Internet Communication swkim01@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Sung-cheon Computer Architecture,
High Performance Computing,
Computer Network
Kim, Youngjae Computer Science and Engineering YOUKIM@SOGANG.AC.KR
Nang, Jong-ho Internet System, Multimedia System,
Parallel Programming System
Lee, Hyuk-jun Computer Architecture hyukjunl@sogang.ac.kr
Lim, Jong-seok VLSI Design and CAD/CAE csrim@sogang.ac.kr
Lim, In-sung Computer Graphics,
High Performance Computing,
Scientific Visualization
Oh, Kyung-hwan Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Logic,
Pattern Recognition
Park, Seog Database Systems, Computer Security,
File Structure, System Programming
Park, Sung-ryong Distributed System Operating System,
Computer Networks
Park, Soo-yong Software Engineering,
Requirements Engineering, Software Reuse
Park, Un-sang Computer Vision, Image Processing, Biometrics unsangpark@sogang.ac.kr
Seo, Jung-yeon Artificial Intelligence,
Natural Language Processing, HCI
So, Jungmin Intelligent Systems and Networking jso1@sogang.ac.kr
Yang, Ji-hoon Machine Learning, Data Mining,
Artificial Intelligence