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Communications table
Location Gabriel Hall #209
Telephone +82 2 705 8376
E-mail gscom@sogang.ac.kr
Homepage http://esgcomm.sogang.ac.kr/

Educational Purpose

Mass Communications focuses on the study of various forms of communication mediums, which greatly influences the modern society and analysis of the social means of these mediums. Through these research and study, act as lubricant of modern society in journalism field, television, radio and broadcasting field, which includes all kinds of new media, at the same time, put together science and arts through cultural mediums such as advertising/public relations field, drama and film. Also through field of performing and visual arts, internet and smart media, and SNS, which play a critical role in elevating the quality of peoples’ lives, the purpose of Department of Mass Communications is to nurture experts who will engage in digital media/contents fields and contribute towards the development of information society.

Specialization of Education

The Journalism major is striving to develop educational and academic traditions at Sogang University. Also the Journalism is committed to nurturing journalists and communication experts who will play a leading role in the new media industry as well as journalism and broadcasting.

Theater and Film
The interest towards drama and film is the uniqueness of Theater and Film major at Sogang University. Especially, the drama in the performing arts field of the department has carried out its tradition for 40 years.

Advertising and Public Relations
Faculties of Advertising and Public Relations major are one of the most promising professions. The biggest strength of this major is to nurture talents with the sense of balance in theory and hands-on experiences through lecture, practical training, various industry-university project, internship and substantial exchange with other majors at Sogang University.

Digital Media and Contents
Digital Media and Contents field have moved a step forward from the traditional mediums such as TV and radio, following the changes of media through the development of innovative digital technology and taking much more interest in new media such as smartphone and tablet PC, 3D movie and smart TV.

Course Information


Faculty table
Name Areas of Specialization E-mail
Cho, Jaehee Organizational Communication jcho76@sogang.ac.kr
Choi, Hyung-woo Contents Distribution Business profchoe@sogang.ac.kr
Hyun, Dae-won Telecommunication dhyun@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Kyun Journalism kyunkim@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Soo-yeon PR, CSR sooyeon1020@gmail.com
Kim, Yong-soo Performance, Visual Communication sookim@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Jung-hyun Digital Media, Computer-Mediated Communication JUNGHYUNK@sogang.ac.kr
Lee, Soo-young Journalism, Study of Digital Media Consumer sooyoung@sogang.ac.kr
Lee, Hee-joon Creation of Theater and Musicals wintercoin@sogang.ac.kr
Lim, Jeong-sup Journalism, News Production, Online Journalism limj@sogang.ac.kr
Na, Eun-young Persuasive Communication, Media Psychology, Research Methodology ena@sogang.ac.kr
Shin, Ho-chang PR, Internal Communication hochang@sogang.ac.kr
Whang, In-Sung Visual Culture Theory Inwhang@sogang.ac.kr
Won, Yong-Jin Broadcasting, Cultural Study yongjin@sogang.ac.kr
Yoo, Hyun-jae Health Communication, Advertising bus89@sogang.ac.kr
Yun, Gak Advertising kyoon@sogang.ac.kr