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Journalism and Strategic Communication

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Location Gabriel Hall #209
Telephone +82 2 705 8376
E-mail gscom@sogang.ac.kr
Homepage http://esgcomm.sogang.ac.kr/

Educational Purpose

The Department of Journalism and Strategic Communication has been building its reputation as a professional journalist institution representing Korea over the past few decades.

The Department of Journalism and Strategic Communication is striving to further develop our education and academic tradition. Our department is committed to training and fostering journalists and communication experts who will play a leading role in the field of the new media industry as well as in journalism and broadcasting.

To achieve such goals, we primarily focus on educating students of Social Sciences who have the capacity to produce the media and society systematic and comprehensive perspective acquired via the intensive study on communication.

Second, we have organized core courses aiming for students to attain critical thinking and creative writing to assist students with knowledge of humanities and expressive abilities which are necessary for them to grow into professional journalists.

Third, we operate a variety of programs designed to develop theoretical education into more practical and productive skills. We are trying to keep our reputation intact as the cradle of professional journalists by putting more effort into strengthening practical training programs, promoting closer relationships with current journalists, introducing internship programs, and providing reporter school training programs.


Faculty table
Name Areas of Specialization E-mail
Hwang, In-Sung Visual Culture Theory Inwhang@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Kyun Journalism kyunkim@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Myong-joon Theory of Information Society, Theory of New Media mjunk@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Soo-yeon PR, CSR sooyeon1020@gmail.com
Lim, Jeong-sup Journalism, News Production, Online Journalism limj@sogang.ac.kr
Shin, Ho-chang PR, Internal Communication hochang@sogang.ac.kr
Won, Yong-jin Broadcasting, Cultural Study yongjin@sogang.ac.kr
Yoo, Hyun-jae Health Communication, Advertising bus89@sogang.ac.kr
Yun, Gak Advertising kyoon@sogang.ac.kr