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School of Media, Arts, and Science

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Location Xavier Hall #423
Telephone +82 2 705 4754
E-mail gscom@sogang.ac.kr
Homepage http://esgcomm.sogang.ac.kr/

Educational Purpose

School of Media, Arts, and Science of Sogang University is newly established in the integration of School of Communication, School of Integrated Knowledge, and the Graduate School of Media. The School of Communication has been well known for its long tradition and graduate students who succeeded as prominent journalists, film directors, and producers. Comparatively with short history, the School of Integrated Knowledge has been the leading division with knowledge fusion of Art&Technology and Global Korean Studies. Graduate School of Media has its strength not only in cultural contents but also in art technology and media art. The eminent professors of these departments gathered to devote all their capability to nurture creative talent-converged individuals as the mecca of integrated education.

While experiencing imaginative power of the humanities, media technology, art, creativity, sense of challenge, international communication and cooperation in the School of Media, Arts, and Science, students will be prepared with intelligence, personality and spirituality to win out any tasks in the near future. The School of Media, Arts, and Science, pursuing cooperative leap with collective wisdom, will focus our ability to educate Leonardo da Vinci of 21st century and Steve Jobs of Korea and let creative individuals get prepared for the future.

Having the basis of transdisciplinary studies on Humanities, Art/Design, and Technology with media utilization, our education aims to foster individuals capable of leading the information, knowledge, imaginative power-oriented society with critical thinking, cooperating, technology utilization and global innovative abilities and creativity.

Specialization of Education

Journalism and Strategic Communication
Critical and creative thinking ability related to journalism and strategic communication
Professional communication ability
Ethical and integrated perspective

Media & Entertainment
Transdisciplinary and critical thinking ability on media
Business planning and managing capability regarding media or entertainment industry
Producing ability of media or entertainment contents

Art & Technology
Imaginative power on Humanities
Expressing ability as artists or designers
Software developing capability

Global Korean Studies
Global approach and communication
Critical and historical thinking
Ability to produce traditional and digital knowledge of Korea