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Location Jeong Hasang Hall #1032
Telephone +82 2 705 8338
E-mail soghum@sogang.ac.kr
Homepage http://ephilosophy.sogang.ac.kr

Educational Purpose

The students who major in philosophy can develop good view to precisely recognize and determine to be well situated in the world by studying accumulated knowledge. Department of Philosophy not just focuses on the general philosophical knowledge, but let the students to develop their thoughts freely. Also emphasizes on how this developed minds can contribute towards building up individuals’ view of the world. Perhaps, the special characteristics of philosophy to develop thoughts freely have applied to many students who graduated with this major so they have been standing out in areas such as drama, film, media, publication and academics.

Specialization of Education

Since Department of Philosophy has eight faculty members who study various areas of philosophy, students can be exposed to diverse areas of philosophy both Asian and Western areas. We try to avoid the delivery of general contents and encourage students to learn freely and develop knowledge in various areas. Department of Philosophy put emphasis on development of independent thinking. When the accumulated knowledge and independent thinking meets, it can create one’s own philosophy.

Course Information


Faculty table
Name Areas of Specialization E-mail
Choi, Jin-seok Chinese Philosophy(Taoism) choijin@sogang.ac.kr
Jeon, Heon-sang Western Ancient Philosophy hschun@sogang.ac.kr
Jung, Jae-hyun Chinese Ancient Philosophy chaehyun@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Halla Philosophy KIM.HALLA@hotmail.com
Kim, San-chun Aesthetics sanchoon@sogang.ac.kr
Lee, Sang-seop Western Medieval Philosophy sslee@sogang.ac.kr
Park, Byeong-jun German Modern Philosophy pbjluis@sogang.ac.kr
Seo, Dong-wook French Philosophy dwseo@sogang.ac.kr