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Graduate School of Economics

Graduate School of Economics table
Location Kim Daegon Hall #123
Telephone +82 2 705 8179
E-mail gsecono@sogang.ac.kr
Homepage http://gsecono.sogang.ac.kr/engMain.do


Establishment of the Graduate School of Economics
To meet the timely demand of globalization, information-oriented environment and practical use of knowledge, the Graduate School of Economics established in November 8, 1990. The Graduate School of Economics emphasizes superior quality of its scholarship, which is Sogang University's educational philosophy, and trains reasonable creative economic professionals to intend balance and harmony of knowledge and practice. In February 21, 1991 the first freshmen of one hundred students entered to six departments of MA course and research degree courses. Present entrance student quota is limited to one hundred twenty five and three hundred twenty five students are in the Graduate School of Economics. Up to now, one thousand three hundred thirty one masters have graduated over thirty seven times.

Courses and Features
The Graduate School of Economics opens seven major subjects such as Monetary Economics and Financial Systems, International Economics, Economics of the Public Sector, Economics of Technology and Information, Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, Congressional Economics, and Economic Theory. Sogang University's Graduate School of Economics was established for professional economic education and it was the first time among the interior special graduate schools. So the Graduate School of Economics is called as the cradle of economic professionals' training. Professors of the Graduate School of Economics are composed with fully experienced professors who have accumulated abundant research and instructing experience. They are lecturing in practical and realistic economics which was attained from direct and indirect participation in the government's and public institution's economic policy establishment. The exclusive library solely operated by the Graduate School of Economics holds more than one thousand of separate volumes and regular publications and each research institutes' publications are also prepared.


Faculty table
Name Areas of Specialization E-mail
Ahn, Tae-hyun Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics ahn83@sogang.ac.kr
Choi, In Economics inchoi@gmail.com
Heo, Jung Economics ecsjhur@sogang.ac.kr
Heshmati, Almas Econometrics heshmati@sogang.ac.kr
Iris Haydar Doruk Economics dorukiris@sogang.ac.kr
Jeon, Hyun-bae Economics hchun@sogang.ac.kr
Jeon, Sung-hoon Industry Organization Theory jeonsh@sogang.ac.kr
Joo, Ha-yeon Industry Organization Theory hjoo@sogang.ac.kr
Jung, Jae-sik International Finance cschung@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Do-young Economics dkim@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Hong-kyun Environmental Economics hongkyun@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Kyung-hwan Urban Economics khkimsg@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Yoon-jung International Finance yunjungk@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Young-Chul Macro Economics yckim@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Young-il Economics yakim@sogang.ac.kr
Kwak, No-sun Macroeconomics kwark@sogang.ac.kr
Lee, Han-sik Econometrics hahnlee@sogang.ac.kr
Lee, Jin-kwon Economics jlee22@sogang.ac.kr
Lee, Kang-oh Microeconomic Theory kyi@sogang.ac.kr
Lee, Soohyung Economics soohlee@sogang.ac.kr
Lee, Yoon-soo Macroeconomics ylee@sogang.ac.kr
Lee, Young-hoon Economics yhnlee@sogang.ac.kr
Nam, Joo-ha Macro and Financial Economics namjh@sogang.ac.kr
Nam, Jun-woo Econometrics jnahm@sogang.ac.kr
Nam, Seong-il Labor Economics sina@sogang.ac.kr
Park, Jung-soo Monetary Financing jspark@sogang.ac.kr
Sa, Gong-yong Agricultural and Resource Economics ysakong@sogang.ac.kr
Shim, Myungkyu Macroeconomics mkshim@sogang.ac.kr
Song, E Young International Trade Theory eysong@sogang.ac.kr
Wang, Kyu-ho Microeconomics, Game Theory ghwang@sogang.ac.kr
Yi, In-sil Public Finance insill723@sogang.ac.kr