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Graduate School of Education

Graduate School of Education table
Location Jeong Hasang Hall #707
Telephone +82 2 705 8177
E-mail gsedu@sogang.ac.kr
Homepage http://gsedu.sogang.ac.kr


The objective of this graduate school is to produce professional educators who have the creativity and know-how to lead effectively, as well as the ability to contribute to educational and social development through training and re-training teachers in various fields.

Korean Language Education major
Korean Literature Education

Modern Poetry, Modern Novel, Classical Poetry, Classical Novel, Essay, Drama, Rhetoric, Korean Literature in Classical Chinese, History of Literature

Korean Grammar Education

Phonology, Lexicology, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, Dialectology, History of Language

Korean Language Education

Writing, Reading, Speech, Media Literacy, Evaluation, Critical Thinking and Writing, Instructional Materials and Teaching Methods

English Education major
Training Future Teachers for the Future of English Classroom
English Education

Students learn such teaching methods as textbook preparation, test creation, lesson-plan writing, and classroom activity development in light of most advanced pedagogical principles.


Students learn the basic elements and structure of English according to most recent linguistic theories in morphology, phonology, and syntax, and explore how to apply the learning to the praxis of teaching.


Students read English novel, poetry, and drama in a way that would learn how to teach language along with culture through literature in an English classroom.

History Education major
History education program in the Sogang graduate school of education has been known as the best program to offer the opportunities to acquire content and pedagogical expertise in the domain of Korean and World history. The program also strives to support in-service and pre-service teachers with comprehensive and balancing knowledge for their professional development.

Mathematics Education major
Mathematics education

Mathematics Education research focuses on an inquiry into teaching and learning of mathematics.


Analysis is a field of mathematics studying continuity and smoothness of functions based on the concept of limit.


Algebra is a field of mathematics studying mathematical symbols and the rules for calculating these symbols.


Geometry is a field of mathematics started with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures and the properties of space.


Topology is a field of mathematics related with the properties of space that are preserved under continuous mapping, such as stretching and bending.

Physical Education major
The Physical education major includes both ‘education of physical’ as well as ‘education through physical’. Therefore, the aim of physical education major is to achieve the ‘whole person balancing arts and sciences via physical educators.

Lifelong Education major
The educational purpose of Lifelong Education Major is to produce experts in lifelong education in general, HRD, civic education, alternative education, etc., through combining theory and practice. After completing certificate course and master’s degree program in lifelong education, graduates are expected to work as experts in lifelong education fields, such as various kinds of lifelong education institutes, lifelong learning cities, institutes and fields for civic education, alternative education, corporate education, and so forth.

Educational Technology and Administration
The aims of the Education Technology and Administration major is to nurture 21C leaders in education equipped with professional knowledge, skills, and insight in areas of successful instructional design, technology integration, design and management of digital learning spaces, and the planning of resources (human & physical), educational organization, policy, finances, management as well. These aims are achieved through an integration of studies in educational technology, policy and administration, which include but are not limited to pedagogy, teaching-learning theories, program design, educational policy and leadership, and school management.

Counseling Psychology major
Counseling Psychology aims at educating professionals who can provide quality services with those in need of psychological assistance in both school and community setting. This major focuses on training core psychological knowledge and counseling/therapeutic skills that are essential in resolving interpersonal conflicts and psychosocial problems in school and community setting.


Faculty table
Name Areas of Specialization E-mail
Ahn, Myung-hee Counseling Psychology christine@sogang.ac.kr
Baik In Ho French Modern History inhobaik@sogang.ac.kr
Boo, Kyung-Sook American Literature and Culture kyungsook@sogang.ac.kr
Chae, Seoyoung Sociolinguistics chaesy@sogang.ac.kr
Cheong, Yoo-seong Social Education yoosch@sogang.ac.kr
Cho, Bum-hwan Early Korean History chobh@sogang.ac.kr
Cho, Kyu-man Laser Optics kcho@sogang.ac.kr
Cho, Sanghyun Complex Geometry,
Theory of Functions of Several Complex Variables
Cho, Sook-Hwan Linguistics (Psycholinguistics) swcho@sogang.ac.kr
Choi, Dai-hyuk Exercise Specialist and Physiology choi6547@sogang.ac.kr
Choi, Ki-young Korean Contemporary History skychoi@sogang.ac.kr
Chung, Inkie English Linguistics (Morphology and Phonology) inkiechung@sogang.ac.kr
Chung, Soon-young Discrete Partial Differential Equation sychung@sogang.ac.kr
Chung, Yong-chul Sports Psychology yongchulchung@gmail.com
Claire Maria Chambers Modern British and American Drama, Performance Studies chamberscm@sogang.ac.kr
Dan Disney Contemporary Poetry and Poetics dandisney@sogang.ac.kr
Gye, Seung-beom Joseon Dynasty History nocon@sogang.ac.kr
Han, GiBaeg Counseling Psychology gibaeg@sogang.ac.kr
Ho Park Tung Differential Geometry ptho@sogang.ac.kr
Hwang, Eunju 20th-Century American Novel ejhwang@sogang.ac.kr
Hwang, Hwa-sang Korean Morphology hshwang@sogang.ac.kr
Jang, Jae-hong Counseling Psychology jangjh@sogang.ac.kr
Jang, Ki Yoon 19th-Century American Literature kyjang@sogang.ac.kr
Jang, Jae-yoon Organizational Psychology jych@sogang.ac.kr
Jeon, In-gap Chinese Contemporary History jig8280@sogang.ac.kr
Jo, Jang-hyun Algebraic Topology jhjo@sogang.ac.kr
Joo, Se-hyung Korean Language Education forkid@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Chi-Hun British Romanticism, Literature and Religion kimchihunsj@gmail.com
Kim, Dae San Algebra dskim@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Dae-jung Korean Literature in Classical Chinese niemand@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Geun-young Developmental Psychology kimg@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Goo-yeon Mathematics Education gokim@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Gyeong-su Modern Korean Novel initiand@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Hyunseok Partial Differential Equation kimh@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Hyang-sook Clinical Psychology hyangkim@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Jae-woong Educational Policy and Administration jngkim@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Jon-Lark Coding Theory and Cryptography jlkim@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Jongsu Differential Geometry jskim@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Hyun-joo Classical Korean Novel hyunjoo@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Nyung Political Science(Civic Education) nyungkim@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Min-jung History Education minjungk@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Tai-Won Renaissance Drama twkim@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Seung-hui Modern Korean Poetry sophiak@sogang.ac.kr
Kim, Young-Joo 20th-Century British Novel youngjoo@sogang.ac.kr
Kwak, Chung-gu Korean Phonology kchg@sogang.ac.kr
Lee, Chang-hwan Cognitive Psychology chleehoan@sogang.ac.kr
Lee, Jeong-hun Korean Grammar leejh@sogang.ac.kr
Lee, Jae-sung Analysis jalee@sogang.ac.kr
Lee, Jong-beom Topology jlee@sogang.ac.kr
Lee, Sang-ran Theater Studies sllee@sogang.ac.kr
Lee, Sungbom Linguistics sblee@sogang.ac.kr
Lee, Ye-kyung Educational Technology ylee5@sogang.ac.kr
Lee, Yekyung Educational Technology ylee5@sogang.ac.kr
Lee, Yo-An Discourse Analysis, TESOL yoanlee@sogang.ac.kr
Lee, Young-ran Partial Differential Equation younglee@sogang.ac.kr
Lim, Ji-hyun Historical Studies(Western Intellectual History) jiehyun@sogang.ac.kr
Lim, Sang-woo Western Intellectual History, Western Contemporary History swlim@sogang.ac.kr
Michael Barrie Linguistics (Syntax) mikebarrie@sogang.ac.kr
Moon, Jin-young Social Welfare jymoon@sogang.ac.kr
Oh, Young-tak Representation Theory ytoh@sogang.ac.kr
Park, Dan European Contemporary History dahn@sogang.ac.kr
Park, Eun Sung TESOL, Applied Linguistics (specializing in Second Language Acquisition) eunsungp@sogang.ac.kr
Park, Sangkee Literary Theory and Criticism, Cultural Studies skpark@sogang.ac.kr
Park, Sung-ho Functional Analysis shpark@sogang.ac.kr
Richard Bonfiglio 19th-Century British Literature and Culture rpbonfig@sogang.ac.kr
Rim, Kyung-soo Analysis ksrim@sogang.ac.kr
Roe, Jaeho American Culture jhroe@sogang.ac.kr
Shin, Chang Eon Applied Harmonic Analysis, Functional Analytics shinc@sogang.ac.kr
Seong, Ho-gyeong Classical Korean Poetry hgseong@sogang.ac.kr
Shin, Kyung-Won 19th-Century British Literature shin@sogang.ac.kr
Song, Hyo-seop Classical Literature hsong@sogang.ac.kr
Steffen H. Hantke American Literature and Culture, Film Studies shantke@sogang.ac.kr
Woo, Chan-je Composition, Rhetoric wujoo@sogang.ac.kr
Yang, Mikyeong Curriculum and Instruction mkyang@sogang.ac.kr
Yeon, Kyu-jin Counseling Psychology kjyon@sogang.ac.kr
Yoo, Isaiah WonHo TESOL, Corpus Linguistics iyoo@sogang.ac.kr
Yun, Byeong-nam Oriental Contemporary History(Japanese History) bnyoon@sogang.ac.kr