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Sogang Business School (Graduate Program)

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Location Mathew Hall #302
Telephone +82 2 705 8172


Educational Purpose

The mission of Sogang Business School graduate program is to nurture professional executives who can contribute towards creation of new knowledge that are required in academic and corporate fields based on its core values GLEE (Globalization, Leadership, Excellence, and Ethics) and construct top class educational program to achieve its mission. Seek excellence of education, nurture citizens of the world with global sense and communication ability, leadership to rationally solve complexed tradeoff relationships between various interest groups and practice ethical management based on Catholic view of the world is the mission of Sogang Business School graduate program.

Specialization of Education

The entire courses of full-time MBA (SIMBA, Sogang International MBA) are lectured in English and international student enrollment rate is 25% who are from Europe, North America and so on. The school provides specialized educational program adjusted for the needs of the students such as short-term program (1 year and 6 months, including summer/winter sessions) also includes overall studies of business administration and actively make good use of discussion lectures on case analysis. Regular track (completion period of 1 year and 6 months) is a course to secure more extensive employment opportunities through in-depth study on Business Administration and after completion, through internship program students can strengthen their professional abilities. Industry-university cooperation track (completion period of 1 year and 6 months) is a course to nurture practical talents of corporations in nation and this course is mainly targeted for office workers who need to dispatch talents in corporations or switch careers. After completion of 1 year curriculum, students return to work place and carry out workshop projects under the guidance of their professor in charge for 4 months. Dual-degree track (completion period of 2 years) is a course to receive MBA/MS degree in two universities, which students study at Sogang University during their first year and year after study at partner university in overseas countries. Currently dual-degree program is in operation with universities including Cass Business School in England, IE Business School in Spain, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Florida and University of Southern California Marshall School of Business in United States. Not just dual-degree program but also operates exchange program with prominent universities including EMLYON Business School, Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Sun Yat-Sen Business School, University of Florida and so on.
Since the establishment of Evening MBA (Pro-MBA, Sogang Professional MBA) in year 1980, it is recognized as the prestigious and substantial MBA curriculum from the office workers. Based on thorough educational system of Sogang University MBA, students can acquire extensive knowledge from basic studies of Business Administration lectured by distinguished scholars of domestic and foreign countries to practical education that are case oriented from management specialists adjusted for rapidly changing business environments. Graduates of this curriculum can build up solid network of Sogang MBA through brisk business activity in major positions of the society. The great advantage of Sogang Evening MBA with 4 semesters and 2 credit system is that the program offers evening classes on the week days and all day classes on Saturdays. This gives opportunities for busy office workers to select various course schedules. By using the times of evenings on weekdays and weekends, this program is suitable for those who would like to obtain MBA degree without a break from their carrier.

Finance EMBA (FEMBA, Sogang Finance EMBA) is a newly established program since fall semester of year 2015, which seeks clear differentiation from existing finance MBA curriculum. Sogang University Finance EMBA (also known as FEMBA) offers education where up to 50% of its lectures are run by financial professions from every fields for the first time in nation. Also added programs to experience global financial companies and offers education thoroughly focused in financial fields. So theory lecture by Sogang Business School faculties with global research abilities, will structure strong theoretical basis to build up foundation for practical knowledge that are required in practical fields. FEMBA has confidence in that the program is adjusted for finance professionals who would like to expand their professional ability in various fields related to finance and talents who would like to work in financial industry. Sogang FEMBA consists of Friday evening and weekend classes, so it is adjusted curriculum for those who are actively working in practical fields to gain opportunity and receive excellent financial education.

Global Service Management (GSM) MS and Ph.D. was selected for the promotion project as the 2nd position of world class level World Class University supported by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology on April 2009 and since its establishment nurtures talents to lead knowledge service industry. Within Business Schools in nation, Sogang Business School is the only school that systematically studies and educates professional areas related to service science, which is adjusted for people who would like to become global service professionals. Provide integrated education to proceed systematic research on core topics of service system with domestic and foreign faculties from various areas including management information system, computer engineering, physics, management science, strategy management and so on.


Faculty table
Name Areas of Specialization E-mail
Ahn, Seoungpil Finance/Risk Management
Byun, Sanghyuk Accounting
Chang,Young Kyun OBHRM • Strategy
Cho, Bongsoon OBHRM • Strategy
Cho, Sungbin Business Analytics / LSOM / MIS
Choi, Jangho OBHRM • Strategy
Choi, Jungho Finance/Risk Management
Choi, Soonjae Accounting
Chun, Sungbin Accounting
Chung, Jaihak Marketing
Chung, Sunwook International Business
Ha, Byoung-Chun Business Analytics / LSOM / MIS
Ha, Youngwon Marketing
Hong, Gwangheon Finance/Risk Management
Hwang, Kookjae Accounting
Jun, Sungyul Marketing
Jung, Yooshin Finance/Risk Management
Kang, Hosang International Business
Kang, Pyung Kyung Accounting
Kim, Bumsoo Business Analytics / LSOM / MIS
Kim, Changsu International Business
Kim, Doseong Finance/Risk Management
Kim, Soonkee Accounting
Kim, Jinhwa Business Analytics / LSOM / MIS
Kim, Juyoung Marketing
Kim, Kilsun Business Analytics / LSOM / MIS
Kim, Minkyun Business Analytics / LSOM / MIS
Kim, Myungsuk Business Analytics / LSOM / MIS
Kim, Yangmin OBHRM • Strategy
Kim, Yongjin Business Analytics / LSOM / MIS
Lee, Chol International Business
Lee, Gunhee Business Analytics / LSOM / MIS
Lee, Insuk OBHRM • Strategy
Lee, Jaebum Business Analytics / LSOM / MIS
Lee, Joonkyum Business Analytics / LSOM / MIS
Lee, Jungjin Finance/Risk Management
Lee, Khan-Pyo International Business
Lee, Sanggun Business Analytics / LSOM / MIS
Lee, Sangho Finance/Risk Management
Lee, Yoon Dong Business Analytics / LSOM / MIS
Lee, Youngjoo Finance/Risk Management
Lim, Chae-Un Marketing
Min, Jae Hyung Business Analytics / LSOM / MIS
Park, Jong-Hun OBHRM • Strategy
Park, Kyungdo Marketing
Park, Sehoon Marketing
Park, Youngseog Finance/Risk Management
Seo, Jeongil OBHRM • Strategy
Song, Minsup Accounting
Suh, Changjeok Business Analytics / LSOM / MIS
Won, Chaehwan Finance/Risk Management
Yang, Donghoon OBHRM • Strategy
Yang, Joonsun Accounting